Get the look: Michelle Williams' pants, slip-ons & sunglasses

Michelle Williams is one for casual, minimal style, and we love what she wore about a month ago to walk her dog. The actress paired black, gray and tartan, and she looked young and fresh. Her Roseanna blazer features a slight tartan print, and she wore it over a gray t-shirt and Daryl K […]

Kirsten Dunst in Ray Ban sunglasses

Some of the most famous people in the world gathered in the capital of fashion this week, for Paris Fashion Week. Included in Kirsten Dunst, who arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport with her boyfriend, Garret Hedlund, wearing a long coat with an animal print bag, Charlotte Olympia cat flats and Ray Ban […]

Keri Russel in Ray Ban sunglasses

Not many celebrities choose a bike in favor of a car, so it’s hats down from us to anyone who does! Take Keri Russell, of Felicity fame, for example, who looks darling in a flannel shirt and rolled up jeans, Ray Ban sunglasses and a top bun, riding her bike in the city. She […]

Rachel Bilson in Ray Ban sunglasses

Rachel Bilson and her boyfriend, Hayden Christensen, were seen at an organic juice shop, sipping on delicious and healthy drinks with a few of their friends. The actress wore a denim tunic with black tights and studded ankle boots, a navy handbag and electric blue Ray Ban sunglasses. If you’re looking forward to this […]

Evan Peters in Ray Ban sunglasses

The Golden Globes were very special for Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, who made their first official appearance as a couple on the red carpet. Although we kinda knew they were dating since August, it’s nice to see the young couple becoming serious. In fact, they’re so serious that Roberts introduced Peters to her […]

Justin Bieber in Ray Ban sunglasses

Justin Bieber looks dapper in his pink collared coat and Ray Ban sunglasses! The young singer was photographed smoking weed, to the disappointment of his fans. The photographs were taken at a party immediately after the New Year, in a Newport Beach hotel. Right after the photos were released, Bieber used Twitter to sort […]

Nina Dobrev in Ray Ban sunglasses

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder look super cute in matching Ray Ban sunglasses and jeans! The couple were spotted at LAX Airport, Dobrev wearing a trendy camel coat with ankle boots, and Somerhalder donning a leather jacket, hat and Burberry tartan scarf. The stylish pair are probably headed of to China, as Dobrev tweeted: […]

Scarlett Johansson in Ray Ban glasses

Scarlett Johansson can hide under geek chic glasses, like the Ray Ban glasses she’s wearing here, but she can’t hide the sexy. Apparently, some of her fans think so too. About a year ago, an amateur photo of Johansson nude made rounds of the internet, causing her sex appeal rates to go even higher. […]

Liv Tyler in Ray Ban sunglasses

In turquoise Wayfarer sunglasses and a plaid shirt, Liv Tyler looks youthful and casual. The actress attended the premier of The Hobbit in New York last week together with Elijah Wood, as both of them have been part of the initial cast in Lord of the Rings. The first film of the new trilogy, […]

Diane Kruger in Ray Ban sunglasses

The Inglorious Basterds actress, Diane Kruger, is not as pretentious as her parts make her seem. The actress recently admitted that she was a huge Twilight fan, actually she was “quite obsessed” with the hit vampire series. “I think you have to live under a rock these days to not know the whole Twilight […]