Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek in Gucci sunglasses

Salma Hayek looks hot in a Neiman Marcus dress, bow heals, pearls and Gucci sunglasses, sipping on a coffee while promoting one of her films. The actress moved from Hollywood to France, after marrying Fran├žois-Henri Pinault a few years ago. She took advantage of her location to attend Paris Couture Fashion Week, and enjoyed […]

Salma Hayek in Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses

Being super sexy at age 45 is no easy task for common women. However, some lucky ladies like Salma Hayek mature like wine. The petite actress has recently launched a line of beauty products, “Nuance Salma Hayek”. The line was inspired by her grandmother, who used to make her own skincare products, and is […]

Salma Hayek in Tom Ford Sunglasses

Even the most flawless women in Hollywood have gone through the venerable “awkward phase.” Including breathtaking beauty Salma Hayek. She confessed in the latest issue of Lucky mag that when she was 25 years old and left a lucrative soap opera career in Mexico to come to Hollywood, she got a really bad case […]