Ray Ban

Evan Peters in Ray Ban sunglasses

The Golden Globes were very special for Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, who made their first official appearance as a couple on the red carpet. Although we kinda knew they were dating since August, it’s nice to see the young couple becoming serious. In fact, they’re so serious that Roberts introduced Peters to her […]

AnnaLyne McCord in Ray Ban Wayfarers

The beautiful AnnaLynne McCord looks great in her casual L.A. look with a white blazer, denim shorts, red shoes and necklace, and classic Wayfarer sunglasses. The actress isn’t afraid to show some skin, and that’s visible from her show, 90210. McCord has been recently photographed on the set of the show in a super […]

Miranda Kerr in Ray Ban sunglasses

How hot is Miranda Kerr in her white bikini and Ray Ban aviators? The Australian model has no problems showing off her perfectly toned tummy, even though she has an 18 months child at tome. Of course, not everything is as easy as loosing pregnancy weight for the supermodel: these past few weeks, the […]

Robert Pattinson in Ray Ban sunglasses

It seemed heavenly when we heard that Robert Pattinson and his longtime Twilight colleague Kristen Stewart were a couple: young, beautiful, rebels. However, things are shaking up now that Stewart publicly recognized that she cheated on the handsome actor. The lucky man? Rupert Sanderson, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, who is […]

Katie Holmes in Ray Ban sunglasses

Was it the rough rules of Scientology, or was it just differences of opinion on child raising? Many speculations have been made about the big break up between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, after five years of marriage, and it’s even been pointed out that he divorced all his three wives (Mimi Rogers, Nicole […]

Alexa Chung in Ray Ban sunglasses

Known for her spotless style at all times, 28 year old Alexa Chung is one of the guests of honor at any fashion event. However, her preference for the British designers is no secret: “I’m a typical Brit – I love a good bargain and I love wearing clothes,” she says.”British fashion is very […]

Tom Cruise in Ray Ban sunglasses

With an aura of controversy always above his head, Tom Cruise is making his comeback at Hollywood. His latest piece, Rock of Ages, is a retro musical, also starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand. However, it’s been discussed that the movie will not be a box office success – but, who knows, […]

Liv Tyler in Ray Ban sunglasses

What has everyone’s favorite elf been up to? Expect to see her in Robot and Frank this year, and in The Side Effect in 2014! One thing’s for sure: at 34, she still looks as young as she did in her Aerosmith videos days. If you check out her latest ad, for Givenchy, where […]

Taylor Swift in Ray Ban sunglasses

Everyone’s favorite country singer, Taylor Swift, is such a good soul. After finding out that one of her fans was killed during the battle of May 11 in Afghanistan, the 22 year old called his family to pay her respects, and asked for his dog tags to wear in her next video as a […]

Rihanna in Ray Ban sunglasses

No other gossip source is better than Twitter: celebrities as well as average people feel the need to confess on the micro-blogging platform, offering us a scoop into their real lives. This way, Rihanna recently tweeted that she missed her flight to London due to a night of partying with Jay-Z and Kanye West, […]