Paris Hilton

Halloween spooks from our favorite celebs

Happy Halloween everyone! Here’s what stars are doing to celebrate:

One Direction’s Liam Payne carved his very one logo pumpkin and posted the picture on Twitter, captioned: “Happy Halloween here’s my pumpkin attempt I’m very proud of myself and that I can now handle sharp objects πŸ˜€ (sic)”. He’s got every reason to be proud. […]

Get the look: Paris Hilton’s patriotic beach style

Paris Hilton beach style by kittenhood featuring an american swimwear

Of course, Paris Hilton won’t celebrate Independence Day like anyone else. The heiress has some standards to keep up, and she did it again. This 4th of July, Paris showed off her most patriotic outfit, which she took to the beach to celebrate with Christina […]

Paris Hilton in Prada sunglasses

32 year old Paris Hilton looks cute in a printed dress, Chanel necklace and Prada sunglasses, while striking a pose for this Instagram pic. This is a good time for the heiress, who just told the media how excited she is about summer: β€œI love pool parties,” she said. β€œIt’s fun with the atmosphere. […]

Paris Hilton in Tom Ford sunglasses

Paris Hilton really rocks her leopard print monokini, pairing it with tortoiseshell cat eye Tom Ford sunglasses, a boho headband and a Louis Vuitton handbag. Who among you uses a Vuitton as a beach bag? I thought so. But the heiress is no regular woman. Most recently, she’s launched her own eyewear line (“Just […]

Paris Hilton in Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses

Paris Hilton takes a walk with her beau, and even though River Viiper is dressed super casual in shorts and a baseball cap, the heiress opted for lace Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses with a floral bustier dress and heels. The couple hold hands and look a bit like they belong to different worlds… Either way, Viiper […]

Paris Hilton in Carrera sunglasses

Paris Hilton attends a fashion event in a glittery blouse and furry vest, with aviator style Carrera sunglasses in white. The heiress – who just turned 32 – didn’t have the happy birthday that everyone deserves. She actually spent it in the hospital! Hilton wasn’t injured, but her boyfriend, River Viiper was! The model […]

Paris Hilton in Tom Ford sunglasses

Paris Hilton looks dramatic and unrecognizable in her black bob wig, Louboutin studded bag, black trench coat and cat eye Tom Ford sunglasses. The heiress recently tweeted to her almost 10 million followers: “The secret to happiness is to do what you like. The secret to success is to like what you do,” and […]

Paris Hilton in Tom Ford sunglasses

So Dita Von Teese and Paris Hilton may be two women from different worlds – who cares? They both know how to rock a pair of designer sunglasses, and they both have their place in the fashion world. Pictured above, burlesque diva Von Teese is donning one of her retro inspired looks, with a […]

Paris Hilton in Burberry sunglasses

When you’re Paris Hilton, you don’t have to settle for a single Halloween costume. You probably have a dozen parties to attend anyway! Accordingly, the heiress started by tweeting a picture of herself in a small pink costume, saying “How do you like my Honey Boo Boo #Halloween costume?” and referring to her fellow […]

Paris Hilton in Carrera sunglasses

“Life is good, life is great. Always love, never hate. Break the rules, stand apart. Ignore your head, follow your heart. #YES!” and “Life is short, Live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish them…” – this is what Paris Hilton’s […]