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Keira Knightley in Persol sunglasses



Keira Knightley and her new husband, James Righton, are smooching in their honeymoon vacation in Corsica, France. The couple wed last week, in an intimate ceremony, for which the actress wore a repeat Chanel dress and jacket. Speaking of Chanel, Knightley is playing the iconic fashionista in Karl Lagerfeld's latest movie for Chanel, called Once Upon A Time. Knightley's role is of a young Coco who opens a small hats shop on the streets of Paris, leaving everyone outraged. The short film, shot in black and white and featuring classic music as a soundtrack, also shows how Chanel got her inspiration – from bold women who cut their hair short and didn't wear hats, from others who accessorized with dozens of pearl necklaces, and so on. Featured in the film are many models of the moment, including Lindsay Wixson and Ashleigh Gold. Pictured here on the honeymoon cruise, Knightley is wearing Persol sunglasses with denim overalls and a biker jacket.

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Keira Knightley in cat eye sunglasses

Keira Knightley wedding


Keira Knightley and her boyfriend, James Righton, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony this weekend. For the occasion, the actress wore a strapless tulle dress, which appears to be the same one she wore in 2008 to a Bafta event. She paired it with cat eye sunglasses, a Chanel jacket, ballet flats and a delicate flower crown, while the new Mr. Knightley went for a dark blue suit with a blue tie and Ray Ban sunglasses. The couple appears to be jolly – is Knightley hopping in this picture? – or, as a source puts it, “It was a very moving ceremony. “Keira looked emotional during the whole thing. She cried when they exchanged their vows but was still smiling.” The insider continued: “It was amusing to see them being driven away in a battered old Renault Clio. The car certainly looked as though it had seen better days,” about the ceremony that took place in the south of France.

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Keira Knightley in Marc Jacobs sunglasses



Keira Knightley is pictured here in Marc Jacobs sunglasses and a lace headband, looking every bit like a vintage Hollywood diva. The actress looks even more glam on the cover of Marie Claire UK this May, with a smokey eye and a smoking hot red gown. The 28 year old speaks about her upcoming wedding to James Righton: “I could have six weddings. God, that would be expensive. We’ve not big-wedding types. I don’t need to have all that. I’m just trying to enjoy the engagement bit. My parents are together after 40 years. The fights are there, but they love each other. It’s not like the first three months, the frost two years, whatever it is, but I think it gets more interesting, or I hope so.” Knightley also believes that fashion is a fantasy, one that she indulges in: “Creating a different person and dressing up like her. Putting on a flowery dress when it’s raining brightens up the world,” she describes it.

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Keira Knightley in black acetate eyeglasses

Keira Knightley in Ray Ban Sunglasses

Photo: Tillen/Dove

Keira Knightley rocks the good girl look with a pair of geek chic eyeglasses, but she simply had to make her look edgier, with a draped leather jacket, striped top and jeans. A totally different problem occurred with her Chanel ad: Knightley was considered too sexy! Knightley posed for Chanel’s fragrance Coco Mademoiselle, and apparently the commercial is not suited for children’s viewing! “Keira spritzes on the fragrance and then heads to a photo shoot where she strips down on a bed and shares some intimate moments with the photographer,” according to Huffington Post. The ad will no longer be shown during children’s programs, after interrupting Ice Age 2 inappropriately. Other famous perfume campaigns that were banned include Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein, Beyonce, and Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs. So no worries, Knightley’s reputation won’t be harmed!

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Keira Knightley in Persol sunglasses

Keira Knightley in Persol Sunglasses


Keira Knightley is wearing boyfriend jeans with heels, a gray blazer, hat and Persol sunglasses walking down the street. But when she’s on the cover of Marie Claire, the actress is perfectly polished in a red dress and smokey eye. The talks about her upcoming wedding, and her fiance, James Righton: “I could have six fake weddings. God, that would be expensive. We’re not really big-wedding types. I don’t need to have all that,” the 27 year old says. Then, she talks about Righton: “I’m not someone who listens to a lot of music. But I get wonderful perspective by being with someone who is less like me than more like me. The way he thinks is something I don’t get. We come at things from totally different angles.” Opposites attract! Knightley jokes about the royal family: “I’m over the moon about the royal baby. But I really can’t mount an argument in favor of monarchy. Is that treason? Do I have to turn in my passport?” This sounds like a very fun read, so go ahead and check out the March edition of Marie Claire for more.

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