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Russell Brand teaches MNSBC good manners

Russell Brand gold sunglasses

Russell Brand looks cool in his gold aviator sunglasses. Image c/o showbizglow.com

Russell Brand shows us what it means to be cool in his red V-neck sweater and leather jacket, his signature long hair and messy beard, as well as a pair of hip gold sunglasses in aviator style, with a cutout at the nose bridge. The actor seems to be all about lessons these days, as a segment on MSNBC turned into a very funny one for watchers. In just a few hours, the “Morning Joe” video went viral, showing Brand standing up for himself and subtly mocking the TV hosts.

The actor was invited on the show to promote his new comedy tour, Messiah Complex. The host (Mika Brzezinski) introduced him as allegedly “a really big deal”, saying that she doesn't know anything about pop culture (really?). Another host (Brian Shactman) says he can't understand his British accent on his radio show. Soon, Brand takes over the show, making jokes about employees in the studio “facebooking” during the show, and then going on to a more serious topic. Asked whether he prefers TV, theater or stand-up, the 28 year old starts talking about the media and how it distorts the truth whenever given the chance. Brand says he's rather be in direct contact with his audience, to avoid his words being misinterpreted in any way. The discussion moves quickly to the three hosts speaking about Brand as if he weren't there, which he found utterly impolite.

Watch for yourselves below:

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Leonardo DiCaprio in Acetate Aviator Sunglasses

Leonardo DiCaprio Sunglasses

Photo: stylebistro.com

Leonardo DiCaprio covers August Man next month, in a preppy gingham shirt and cardigan. We’re used to seeing him in baseball caps and sunglasses, so this photo shoot is refreshing. So is his interview: the actor talks about turning 40 two years from now, something that hasn’t hit him yet: “I guess the big four-o hasn’t entered my consciousness yet. I believe it’s very important to look back on the choices you’ve made and re-analyze where you want your life to go and the things you want to do as an individual. I came from a lower middle-class background where, for me, being an actor never seemed like an achievable dream.” Apparently, the fact that he even got a role, ever, motivated him to work hard and bought him to the level of professionalism that he flaunts today. “My goal is to keep doing great work… I haven’t stopped yet and hopefully the work will never stop. While I’m here, I will always have that drive to not only produce great work, but to make a difference in the world.” Although he announced a break from acting, DiCaprio will be back on the screen when the timing is right. Meanwhile enjoy his presence in Django Unchained, and later on this year, in The Great Gatsby.

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Jodie Foster in silver aviator sunglasses

Jodie Foster

Photo: buffalonews.com

Jodie Foster made quite an impression at the Golden Globes last night, as the actress had one the most awkward acceptance speeches. The Silence of the Lambs actress was awarded the Cecile B. DeMille Award for outstanding contribution to entertainment, and she accidentally or intentionally came out during the speech. “I guess I have a sudden urge to say something that I’ve never been able to air in public that I’m a little nervous about. But maybe not as nervous as my publicist. So I’m just going to put it out there, loud and proud. I’m going to need your support on this. I am… single,” Foster said. The 50 year old actress continued: “I already did my coming out a thousand years ago, in the Stone Age. Those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to friends and family and co-workers then gradually to everyone that knew her, everyone she actually met. But now apparently I’m told that every celebrity is to honor the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a primetime reality show.” The actress finished her speech giving thanks: “There’s no way I could ever stand here without acknowledging one of the deepest loves of my life. My heroic co-parent, my ex-partner in love but righteous soul sister in life, my confessor, ski buddy, consiglieri, most beloved BFF of 20 years, Cydney Bernard.” Some called her discourse a “rant”, but others felt inspired and even shed some tears during the speech.

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Claire Danes in plastic aviators

claire danes

Photo: details.com

In a Harley Davidson t-shirt and angular plastic aviator sunglasses, Claire Danes looks like a million bucks. The 33 year old is no longer the rock chick in this photo shoot, as the actress just became a mother for the first time. Danes and her husband for three years, Hugh Dancy, welcomed their first born on December 17th, and it’s a baby boy. One with a celebrity-worthy name: Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy. Danes hasn’t revealed much during her pregnancy, keeping quite about it, and she’s now happy to get to know Darcy. The actress is nominated at the Golden Globes for her role in Homeland, “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series”. The awards festivity takes place in January, so we’re not entirely sure that the new mommy will be able to attend.

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Russel Crowe in aviator sunglasses

Russel Crowe

Photo: hitfix.com

Pictured here in aviators sunglasses, Russel Crowe never stopped being one of the best action actors in Hollywood. He’s denied rumors of having a new girlfriend, and he even dismissed them as being “cruel”. His priority now reconciling with his wife: “As soon as I finish this job & can get home, my priority is to try to bring my family back together. These latest reports are false & cruel. ” As for the job, the actor is currently promoting Les Miserables, a musical also starring Anne Hathaway, and the trailer of his latest movie, Man of Steel just came out. It shows a majestic and young Superman (played by Henry Cavill) faced with a dilemma: saving his peers or keeping his secret identity? The movie will hit theaters in June 14, 2013 – leaving enough time for Crowe to work things out at home.

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