Leonardo DiCaprio sunglasses

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing sunglasses

Spending Independence Day like a star

A roundup of how our favorite celebrities spent their 4th of July.

Justin Bieber 4th of July

Justin Bieber posted a 4th of July celebration message on his Twitter. Image c/o Justin Bieber Twitter.

Good news, everybody! To prove that celebrities are people, too, we looked at how some of them spent their Independence Day yesterday. And guess what: most of them did regular things, like shopping or spending time with their families. Justin Bieber, for example, showed teen spirit by hitting the town: “Getting ready to go out tonight. Happy 4th of July everyone! stay safe(:,” he posted on Twitter, together with a patriotic picture (see above). Others, on the contrary, showed some Twitter wisdom, like Will Smith, who solemnly posted: “Tomorrow will be better for as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life. Happy 4th of July,” or Ellen DeGeneres who kept matters current in relation with DOMA: “America is the land of the free, and this year so many people are more free to be who they are. I’m proud of our country. #IndependenceDay”.

Leonardo DiCaprio 4th of July

Leonardo DiCaprio does his 4th of July shopping. Image c/o justjared.com

Kaley Guoco 4th of July

Kaley Guoco grabs coffee for two on Independence Day morning. Image c/o justjared.com

Others started the day on the right foot, like we all do: with a cup of coffee. For Leonardo DiCaprio, this happened at the supermarket in Malibu, where he was spotted wearing a fedora, with keyhole sunglasses (similar here) and shorts. The actor bought a bunch of stuff for his celebration, including soda, water and groceries.

Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Guoco grabbed two coffees from a Starbucks in Sherman Oaks yesterday morning, and we suspect one of them was for boyfriend Henry Cavill. Just the day before, the two were spotted holding hands during a shopping trip, confirming their relationship status. For Independence Day, Guoco wore casual printed pants with a graphic tee, a top knot and oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses (similar here).

Lena Dunham & Jack Antonoff 4th of July

Lena Dunham & Jack Antonoff spent their first Independence Day together. Image c/o Lena Dunham’s Instagram

Girls‘ star, Lena Dunham, and Fun‘s guitarist, Jack Antonoff, showed their affection and patriotism in this Instagram pic that Lena posted yesterday. The two spent their first 4th of July together in Washington, and they posed in front of The White House, while attending a picnic. They both looked Independence-Day-ready in blue and red, Lena wearing a pair of round sunglasses (similar here), and Jack in his signature geek chic frames (similar here).

Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin 4th of July

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin spend Independence Day in London. Image c/o justjared.com

Kristen Stewart 4th of July

Kristen Stewart in Paris. Image c/o justjared.com

Some celebrities weren’t in the country for the 4th of July. No fireworks for them! They either decided to take a long weekend away from home, or they simply happened to be elsewhere for important events. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, for example, were spotted in London yesterday. After attending Glastonbury Music Festival last weekend, the couple and their kids spent a few more days in the UK capital. On Independence Day, Gwyneth sported skinny blue jeans and a red shirt, in true American spirit, during a shopping trip at the supermarket.

Let’s not forget Kristen Stewart, who was spotted in Paris. The actress was there for Haute Couture Fashion Week, during which she attended several of the most exclusive shows. On the 4th of July, Stewart wore torn jeans and a Black Flag white tee, with a (weird) side braid and dark glasses (similar here). Known to be a fan of comfortable clothes, the actress had changed outfits from the all black look she wore earlier that day to the Zuhair Murad fashion show.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Carrera sunglasses

Leonardo DiCaprio Carrera sunglasses

Photo: imnotobsessed.com

Leonardo DiCaprio is out for a bike ride in a comfortable outfit with jeans and sneakers, a tee, a baseball cap and Carrera sunglasses. The 38 year old actor told GQ Australia his opinion on the country, namely that all the women are gorgeous and that the overall experience is Dr. Seuss like. DiCaprio also speaks about being in the iconic role of Gatsby: “I think anyone and everyone worldwide, when they read The Great Gatsby, identify with the dreamer in him. We all have these images of who we could be, or dreams of what we can become. And I can relate that to being an actor, and wanting to be an actor, and never knowing whether you can achieve those dreams.” Although the actor previously announced that he'll be taking a work break, he now told the mag that he's planning on directing more. However, he's not yet convinced he could handle the pressure, since he gets so obsessive about the movies he works in.

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Leonardo DiCaprio in Ray Ban sunglasses

Leonardo DiCaprio Ray Ban sunglasses

Photo: magnificentbastard.com

Leonardo DiCaprio is serious in his pose, while wearing Ray Ban sunglasses with a gray t-shirt, cardigan and coat on top. Since there's always news about huge actors like himself, we looked in the latest rumor surrounding DiCaprio: that he is no longer single. Apparently, the actor spent most of Cannes festival in the company of a German Victoria's Secret model (we know he likes models, so that much is true), Tori Garrn. The model is 20 years old, and she's allegedly been dating DiCaprio for just a week now. “There is definitely chemistry there,” a source told the press – but with someone like Leo and someone like a Victoria's Secret model, how could chemistry not be there? Especially in the first week of dating, when everything is new and fun. And especially at Cannes! Some people were worried DiCaprio doesn't have it anymore, since he failed to put his charms on model Cara Delevigne recently, but it looks like there's someone for everyone!

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Leonardo DiCaprio in Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

Photo: coolspotters.com

Leonardo Dicaprio rests on the beach in a pair of aviator Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. With the hyped Great Gatsby premiering, the actor confessed that he was reluctant in taking the lead role of Jay Gatsby at first. “I was reluctant…what’s so powerful about this novel is everyone has their own interpretation of these characters,” he said. The actor added that when he first read the novel, in junior high, he loved the story and found it representative of the roaring twenties. However, when the director handed him a copy of the novel before starting filming, he re-read it a few times, trying to understand it better. “As an adult, it takes on a different meaning. It’s really an existential novel,” DiCaprio stated. The actor also made a statement about the music in the film, which is contemporary rather than 1920s: “The last two films that I’ve done have been period pieces infused with hip-hop. So it’s really cool that these directors take that chance, and I think it really connects with audiences today.I think it sort of seamlessly meshes into the film in a way that’s almost startling,” he added. “You don’t feel like you’re watching something from a different era. You’re connecting with these people and this time period in a much more subversive way.”

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Leonardo DiCaprio in Acetate Aviator Sunglasses

Leonardo DiCaprio Sunglasses

Photo: stylebistro.com

Leonardo DiCaprio covers August Man next month, in a preppy gingham shirt and cardigan. We’re used to seeing him in baseball caps and sunglasses, so this photo shoot is refreshing. So is his interview: the actor talks about turning 40 two years from now, something that hasn’t hit him yet: “I guess the big four-o hasn’t entered my consciousness yet. I believe it’s very important to look back on the choices you’ve made and re-analyze where you want your life to go and the things you want to do as an individual. I came from a lower middle-class background where, for me, being an actor never seemed like an achievable dream.” Apparently, the fact that he even got a role, ever, motivated him to work hard and bought him to the level of professionalism that he flaunts today. “My goal is to keep doing great work… I haven’t stopped yet and hopefully the work will never stop. While I’m here, I will always have that drive to not only produce great work, but to make a difference in the world.” Although he announced a break from acting, DiCaprio will be back on the screen when the timing is right. Meanwhile enjoy his presence in Django Unchained, and later on this year, in The Great Gatsby.

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