Ke$ha wearing sunglasses

Kesha is out of rehab

The singer completed her treatment this week.

Ke$ha was spotted at LAX Airport in LA on March 6th, returning home after a 2 months stay in rehab. The singer had previously committed herself at the beginning of the year, for her eating disorder. The 27 year old now looked good and healthy, donning a new […]

Kesha nearly died before entering rehab

The singer’s mother opens up about her daughter’s condition:

Ke$ha started 2914 on another foot than most people. The singer announced at the beginning of January that she wants to be able to love herself again, for which reason she is entering rehab for 30 days. It hasn’t been that long, and her mother is […]

Ke$ha in Fendi sunglasses

Ke$ha rocks a bohemian look with fur and feathers and Fendi sunglasses, being continuously ready for spring break or a music festival. The singer has a new series of documentaries on MTV: Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. Apparently, the singer’s brother, Lagan, has been filming behind the scenes for the past two years. This […]

Ke$ha in Prada sunglasses

Ke$ha arrives at LAX airport in LA wearing a see-through floral maxi with Prada sunglasses, and a headband on the forehead – looking boho chic. The singer was headed for Nashville. Ke$ha was recently honored the Wyler Award at the 2013 Genesis Awards Benefit Gala, for spreading the word about “street dogs, the trophy […]

Ke$ha in Fendi sunglasses

Ke$ha is never afraid to don some animal print, and she does so gracefully with a pair of Fendi sunglasses and her hair down. The singer is featured in a spread in the 7 Hollywood Icons issue, out now. With spikes in her hair and an overall angry punk look, the 25 year old […]

Ke$ha in Ray Ban sunglasses

In a graphic t-shirt, aviator Ray Ban sunglasses and mismatched nail polish, Ke$ha looks young and fresh. The 25 year old singer became famous for her dance-pop hits, but now she’s trying something different. Her second album, Warrior, is out this December, and Ke$ha told more about it to the press: “I just wanted […]

Ke$ha in Ray Ban Sunglasses

The dollar sign in singer/songwriter Ke$ha’s name is intentionally ironic—she was raised in Nashville by a single mother and grew up on welfare and food stamps.  Her first single “Tik Tok” was released in late 2009 and reached number one in 11 countries. In the U.S. alone it sold 610,000 digital downloads in one week, […]