Ke$ha wearing sunglasses

Kesha is out of rehab

The singer completed her treatment this week.

Kesha steps out of rehab.

Kesha steps out of rehab. Image via Just Jared

Ke$ha was spotted at LAX Airport in LA on March 6th, returning home after a 2 months stay in rehab. The singer had previously committed herself at the beginning of the year, for her eating disorder. The 27 year old now looked good and healthy, donning a new rainbow colored hairstyle and an “Ima survivor” sweatshirt. She also seems very excited to be out in the world again. “Happy to be back! Feeling healthy & working on tons of new music. I can’t thank my fans enough for all the love & support u have given me❤️️”, she tweeted yesterday, and then later on: “life is beautiful. I’m so blessed to have u all ❤️️”.The singer won’t be getting back to her tour until completing her treatment and being fully healthy, reports. Kesha first entered rehab on January 3rd, after admitting she had been fighting anorexia and bulimia since she was 18.

Kesha in her signature Ray Ban Outdoorsman sunglasses.

Kesha in her signature Ray Ban Outdoorsman sunglasses

It also appears that the singer is up to a fresh start, having changed her Twitter handle from @Ke$haSuxx to @KeshaRose. Not only does it sound more positive and sweet, but it also dropped the dollar sign that caused so much controversy.


Kesha nearly died before entering rehab

The singer’s mother opens up about her daughter’s condition:

Ke$ha shows off her Ray Ban sunglasses and gold tooth.

Ke$ha shows off her Ray Ban sunglasses and gold tooth. Image via Hollywood Life.

Ke$ha started 2914 on another foot than most people. The singer announced at the beginning of January that she wants to be able to love herself again, for which reason she is entering rehab for 30 days. It hasn’t been that long, and her mother is already speaking to the press about the eating disorder her daughter is facing. Pebe Sebert, Ke$ha’s mom, also went to rehab after her daughter did, for post-traumatic stress disorder. “I’ve watched my beautiful, self-confident, brilliant daughter be berated and ridiculed for her looks and weight to the point that she almost died,” she told People Magazine. “One time on a conference call, [her former manager] was screaming, ‘You need to lose weight! I don’t care what you do … take drugs, not eat, stick your finger down your throat!’”

Ke$ha and her mom, Pebe Sebert.

Ke$ha and her mom, Pebe Sebert. Image via

Even though Ke$ha has had body issues ever since she was a teen, it’s when she launched into music that things started getting worse. The artist’s mom even claims her daughter had suicidal thoughts at a point. She blames producer Dr. Luke and her former manager, David Sonenberg, for her daughter’s bulimia, although both men denied the allegations. “I give Ke$ha my utmost support and well wishes for a quick return to health,” Dr. Luke stated.

Ke$ha looked rather thin at the American Music Awards back in November.

Ke$ha looked rather thin at the American Music Awards back in November. Image via Aces Showbiz

Sebert says that all Ke$ha wants right now is to heal. “At this point, she doesn’t care if she ever makes a record again. She just wants to be healthy and happy,” she says. In just a few days, Ke$ha’s month in rehab should be over, and we hope the new beginning finds her well.


Ke$ha in Fendi sunglasses

Kesha in Fendi sunglasses


Ke$ha rocks a bohemian look with fur and feathers and Fendi sunglasses, being continuously ready for spring break or a music festival. The singer has a new series of documentaries on MTV: Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. Apparently, the singer’s brother, Lagan, has been filming behind the scenes for the past two years. This includes footage of the singer making out with guys in bars or stalking her ex-boyfriend. Sounds like the brotherly thing to do is just film everything! “My message is to give the haters the finger and be yourself,” Ke$ha mentions in the premiere of the show. Apparently, some fans complained that the show is too much crying and too little drinking and partying, so we’re wondering whether Ke$ha is trying out a new look and persona for herself…

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Ke$ha in Prada sunglasses



Ke$ha arrives at LAX airport in LA wearing a see-through floral maxi with Prada sunglasses, and a headband on the forehead – looking boho chic. The singer was headed for Nashville. Ke$ha was recently honored the Wyler Award at the 2013 Genesis Awards Benefit Gala, for spreading the word about “street dogs, the trophy hunting of endangered lions, shark-finning, Canada’s commercial seal slaughter, dogfighting and cruelty-free cosmetics, among many other important animal welfare concerns.” That weekend, the singer tweeted: “thank u I ❤ u RT @HumaneSociety: After a standing ovation, @keshasuxx poses backstage with her award: #GenesisAwards”. It was a busy few weeks for her, as she’s just performed at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards. She started off with “We R Who We R” and continued with “C’Mon”, to the pleasure of her fans.

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Ke$ha in Fendi sunglasses

Ke$ha in Fendi sunglasses


Ke$ha is never afraid to don some animal print, and she does so gracefully with a pair of Fendi sunglasses and her hair down. The singer is featured in a spread in the 7 Hollywood Icons issue, out now. With spikes in her hair and an overall angry punk look, the 25 year old singer speaks about her change in style: “Don’t worry, I’m not going to sell out or anything. But I do think that there’s a way to mix high fashion and vintage. I tried a little bit of the influence of the kind of music I like to listen to in my spare time and mold, meld it with the kind of music that I’m known for making. So they’re still, like, really fun party anthems, but you’re just going to hear a little bit of my influences in there.” She also mentions the hit single she wrote for Britney Spears, “Till The World Ends”: “It still is, like, kind of one of my proudest moments as a songwriter because there’s something different about it. When I write a song for me, that’s one thing. But when I write a song for someone else, especially one of the biggest pop stars that has ever lived and is an icon, I don’t really know if it could get much better.”

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