Halle Berry wearing sunglasses

Top 10 stylish celebrity moms

Meet the hottest celebrity moms and what they wear.

jessica simpson mom

Jessica Simpson and the family. Image c/o people.com

10. The mother of a toddler, Maxwell, and a baby, Ace, Jessica Simpson is striving to keep her best look during motherhood. Dresses are her staple, in fit and flare shapes that flatter anyone. Another tip from her wardrobe are wedges: they're stylish, but still very comfortable. Jessica's favorite sunglasses are oversized – something any mom can relate to (hint: sleepless nights, anyone?)

Hilary Duff mom

Hilary Duff and her son. Image c/o accesshollywood.com

9. Hilary Duff is the proud mom of Luca, and she's been wearing youthful, yet comfortable clothes since she became a mom. Colored denim with ankle boots, printed tops, a top bun and an oversized bag became her mom style staples. One thing that stands out: her always perfect make-up, showing off her pretty face features.

Halle Berry at school with Nahla looking super stylish

Halle Berry takes her daughter to school. Image c/o celebritystreetstyle.com

8. Halle Berry is the mother of Nahla, and she's got another baby on the way, that is due really soon. The short haired actress opts for casual, everyday outfits while caring for her daughter, and she's been wearing fun dresses all through the pregnancy. The hair is a great idea when handling kids, as are Halle's subtle accessories: fun ankle boots, embellished sunglasses, or beautiful earrings.

Gwen Stefani mom style

Gwen Stefani with her kids, Zuma & Kingston. Image c/o Fame Flynet

7. Gwen Stefani stays true to her style even after having two kids. The 43 year old singer and fashion designer is one good example of mom style: she's comfortable, but never not chic, wearing lots of neutrals. She always adds a pop of color in the shape of trendy sunglasses, cool shoes or bags. Colored accessories are a great way to stand out, while still being dressed right for picking up kids and their toys. In other news, Gwen is apparently pregnant with her third child, according to US Magazine.

nicole richie mom

Nicole Richie and one of her kids. Image c/o mamtoga.com

6. Nicole Richie has always been known as a bohemian dresser, and things haven't changed when she gave birth to her two kids, Harlow and Sparrow. Being rather skinny, Nicole looks good in loose clothes: maxi dresses, boyfriend jeans, ponchos. She often wears flip flops, oversized messenger bags and sunglasses, and one thing's for sure: she does not avoid color.

miranda kerr mom

Miranda Kerr and her son. Image c/o lefashionimage

5. Miranda Kerr's job, modelling, requires stylish dressing. But Miranda's seems innate, and the birth of her son, Flynn, doesn't seem to have affected it. Miranda isn't afraid of high heels, skinny jeans and jewelry, nor is she afraid to show her swimsuit or lingerie bod. Orlando Bloom must be so proud.

Reese witherspoon mom

Reese Witherspoon and her kids from her first marriage. Image c/o usmagazine.com

4. Reese Witherspoon has kids of different ages (16, 10 and 1) and yet she looks young as ever. Stretch jeans, flat boots and oversized stops are some of her favorite things to wear in cooler months, while for summer she's one for babydoll dresses and ballerina flats. She also wears lots of sunglasses and fedora hats, covering sleepless nights and bad hair days.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin take their children Moses and Apple to school in Los Angeles

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin and the kids. Image c/o babble.com

3. Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple,  is as chic as her mom! The actress has a 9 year old and a 7 year old (Moses), and she keeps flaunting her slim silhouette. Comfortable but chic pants, shorts and tops are her favorite choices, together with Wayfarer sunglasses, ankle boots and multiple jewelry. That works especially since her children are of school age, and jewelry becomes a toy rather than a danger.

Jessica Alba mom

Jessica Alba and her daughter. Image c/o vacau.com

2. Everyone can agree that Jessica Alba makes an impeccable mom – at least style wise! The mother of two, Haven and Honor, Jessica likes wearing basics, but is one for hip accessories: oversized scarves, colored sunglasses, and occasionally jewelry. She can always be seen carrying a big bag (all those kids stuff need to be carried!), low heels, a top bun and layered clothes. Easy peasy!

Angelina Jolie mom

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt with the kids. Image c/o babble.com

1. Angelina Jolie's six kids are not an easy number to take care of! Even for that she deserves the number one spot! The actress usually opts for wardrobe basics, such as ballerina flats, trench coats, maxi skirts, t-shirts, pants and aviator sunglasses. However, she manages to look classy and put together on every occasion, whether she's in an airport or in the city.


Celebrities show off their baby bumps in style

Some of our favorite ladies are pregnant this summer. Get inspiration from what they wear!

Fergie pregnant

Fergie covers her baby bump with a colorful light coat. Image c/o justjared.com

After Kim Kardashian gave birth last week, we got to thinking about other celebs in a similar position. Starting with Kate Middleton, who is due this month, and has not for a moment given up on style, and moving on to Busy Phillips and many others. 38-year old Fergie, for example, is about 6-7 month in, and her belly is really showing. To cover a bit, the singer opted for a very colorful, but light jacket, over a pair of tights and a t-shirt. She picked comfortable shoes as well – braided sandals – and a pair of simple, black sunglasses.

Jaime King pregnant

Jaime King experienced pregnancy for the first time. Image c/o stylebistro.com

At age 34, Jaime King confessed that she’s never felt something as exciting as her first baby kicks. The Hart of Dixie star tweeted that the unborn son/daughter is very rock’n'roll! As is she – the actress looks great in a paisley print jumpsuit, with comfortable black sandals and matching round sunglasses. We think she’s gonna be the coolest mom ever!

Evan Rachel Wood pregnant

Evan Rachel Wood looks cute in her maxi dress. Image c/o justjared.com

Long live the maxi dress! Evan Rachel Wood looks great in her printed on, which she’s wearing with summer shoes, a boho vest and headphones. Of course, she also remembered to put on a pair of protective and chic aviator sunglasses. The 25 year old actress is estimated to give birth at the beginning of autumn, and – at least style-wise – she seems to be doing great!

halle berry pregnant

Halle Berry goes shopping with her assistant. Image c/o justjared.com

At 46, Halle Berry is the oldest of the bunch. Still, we could say she looks best! Could be because she had the experience of pregnancy before. Could be she just knows how to handle it. The actress is glowing in a little black dress made of comfy jersey, with thong sandals and aviators, while doing a bit of shopping this weekend.

Which celebrity do you think looks best?

Top 10 celebrities in Kate Spade glasses

Our way of celebrating the new Kate Spade shoppable windows

Kate Spade announced a new shopping technique that might be the next best thing. It’s called “shoppable windows” and it’s a collaboration with eBay. Four such windows of approximately 9 x 2 feet are launching this month in the busiest parts of New York, where shoppers can touch the screens to order out of the 30 products available. The items are delivered within the hour via courier, and payment is made through a special system based on PayPal. Sounds like a science fiction movie, doesn’t it? Well, it’s all true, and we’re really excited about it. We’re not sure if Kate Spade sunglasses will be available through the shoppable windows at this time, but we’re celebrating the launch of the new technology by looking back at some of our favorite celebs wearing their stylish frames:

Bryce Dallas Howard in Kate Spade sunglasses

Bryce Dallas Howard poses for the Kate Spade SS11 campaign. Image c/o katespade.com

10. Bryce Dallas Howard is the first celebrity to be the face of Kate Spade, and she does an amazing job in every campaign. The Twilight actress  is wearing Halle sunglasses in the picture.

Teresa Palmer in Kate Spade sunglasses

Teresa Palmer poses in Cacharel, Rachel Roy and Kate Spade. Image c/o coolspotters.com

9. Australian actress Teresa Palmer is dashing in her colorful outfit, with a Cacharel top, Rachel Roy skirt and vintage style suitcase. The blonde dons a pair of white Franca sunglasses.

Jenna Ushkowitz Kate Spade sunglasses

Jenna Ushkowitz dons Kate Spade sunglasses in the third season of Glee. Image c/o Fox.

8. Remember the third season of Glee? In one episode, everyone wore sunglasses, and Jenna Ushkowitz‘ character picked Kate Spades. Way to cover a hangover! Jenna’s are Adamina sunglasses.

Megan Fox Kate Spade eyeglasses

Megan Fox looks tired in her striped sweatshirt and Kate Spade frames. Image c/o coolspotters.com

7. Next we’ve got Megan Fox. It’s true that this is not the most flattering picture of her, but those frames do fit her face quite nicely! Get the look with the Layla eyeglasses.

Halle Berry Kate Spade sunglasses

Halle Berry and her baby girl in Kate Spade sunglasses and a smile. Image c/o coolspotters.com

6. Halle Berry feels confident in her Kate Spade sunglasses – they’re semi-rimmed with metallic temples, and they’re a perfect match for her dark complexion. These are the Veronica sunglasses.

Tina Fey in Kate Spade glasses

Tina Fey smiles in her signature Kate Spade glasses. Image c/o coolspotters.com

5. Tina Fey is rarely without her Kate Spade glasses.  Although we can’t even look at her without smiling and thinking of 30 Rock, in all seriousness, that’s a good look on her.

Zooey Deschanel in Kate Spade eyeglasses

Zooey Deschanel doesn’t look like herself without her bangs. Image c/o teen.com

4. Sweet Zooey Deschanel is another celebrity who looks great in glasses. Although these Kate Spade eyeglasses suit her, we’re not sure about the pinned bangs…

Jessica Simpson in Kate Spade sunglasses

Jessica Simpson looks sexy in her oversized retro frames and boho dress. Image c/o coolspotters.com

3. This is one of Jessica Simpson‘s best looks: her hair down and wavy, her skin tanned, her sunglasses oversized and square, her lips nude. We can’t get enough of  vintage-inspired style!

Hilary Duff in Kate Spade sunglasses

Hilary Duff takes her puppy for a walk in a striped dress & Kate Spade sunglasses. Image c/o hilaryimages.com

2. Hilary Duff is a big fan of her Chantal sunglasses, and she wears them whenever she gets the chance. Here, she paired them with a fitted striped dress, Isabel Marant boots and Yves Saint Laurent bag, for a stroll with one of her dogs.

katy perry kate spade sunglasses

Katy Perry is a party girl in her cat eye sunglasses & cropped top. Image c/o justjared.com

1. Katy Perry is having a blast at Coachelle in a two piece gingham outfit, a hat and Franca sunglasses. This vintage style really suits her, so we’re placing her look on number 1!

Halle Berry in golden aviator sunglasses

Halle Berry

Photo: justjared.com

Halle Berry is almost unrecognizable in a cap and aviator sunglasses, a sports tee and jeans, as she takes her precious cat to the vet. She took the cat carrier to her pet doctor in LA earlier this week, and we’re happy to see she’s an animal lover like us. Berry dedicated another day of the week t spending time with her kid: the 46 year old took daughter Nahla to Disneyland on Monday, and they enjoyed a full day of rides and fun. But the talk is all about something else recently: the actress’ nudity in one of her latest films. Although she has been topless on screen before, this time it’s something else. The direction of Movie 43 said: “We ended up coming up with a couple of things for her to do that weren’t scripted, but were insane. To give you an example… she ended up sticking her bare breast into a bowl of guacamole.” The outrageous comedy also includes the names of Elizabeth Banks, Kate Bosworth, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts or Kate Winslet, among a long list of celebrities.

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Halle Berry in Tory Burch sunglasses

Tory Burch

Photo: coolspotters.com

Halle Berry looks dashing in winter style, with a coat, her signature short doe and oversized, rectangular shaped Tory Burch sunglasses. The actress and her ex. Gabriel Aubry, are still in court over their daughter’s custody. Moreover, this Thanksgiving, Aubry got in a fight with Oliver Martinez, her current fiance. Aubry didn’t face charges, so he’s off the hook, and it seems that the ex-couple is finally about to reach an agreement concerning their 4 year old. Meanwhile, Berry has been nominated for NAACP Image Awards, for outstanding actress in a motion picture for her role in Cloud Atlas, where she co-stars with Tom Hanks. The sci-fi movie has just been released at the end of October, and it’s already a huge hit.

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