Emma Watson sunglasses

The Green Carpet Challenge presents: Emma Watson

Learn what the Green Carpet is and find the latest scoop on Emma Watson.

Five famous English designers were asked to create sustainable dresses for The Green Carpet Challenge, and since Emma Watson is known to be an eco queen, she was picked to showcase the designs. The actress covers The Edit, and she looks […]

A Harry Potter spinoff is on the way. What are the original actors doing now?

J.K. Rowling will be penning a new movie for Warner Bros.

July 2011 marked a sad time for all Harry Potter fans, who thought they were watching the last of their favorite series. Fortunately – or unfortunately – the bestselling author, J.K. Rowling decided to take the wheel of the fictional world once again. Warner […]

Emma Watson in Ray Ban sunglasses

Emma Watson is cute in her signature Ray Ban sunglasses, a white dress and ankle boots. Nothing new here. But on the cover of W Magazine this June/July, Watson is unrecognizable, with glamorous curls, stockings and a floral blazer that marks the waist. The actress recalls being a very serious child, and not wanting […]

Emma Watson in Ray Ban sunglasses

Emma Watson is proud to have won a People’s Choice Award for favorite dramatic movie actress for the role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The 22 year old actress plays the role of Sam, a rebel and musical teenager who becomes the object of affection for the main character, Charlie (Logan Lerman). […]

Emma Watson in Ray Ban sunglasses

A fan of Ray Ban sunglasses, Emma Watson doesn’t miss an opportunity to show off her collection. How can one resist when the sunglasses have her name, Emma, a cute cat eye shape and soft color versions? Here, Watson is wearing them with skinny jeans and a long sleeve, ballet flats and a cream […]

Emma Watson in Ray Ban sunglasses

In shorts, flats, a sweater and Ray Ban sunglasses, Emma Watson looks like any other girl her age. We always knew she was a kind soul, but what she did for Halloween was just lovely: the 22 year old actress spotted a trick-or-treater dressed up as Harry Potter, and introduced herself to him as […]

Emma Watson in Ray Ban Sunglasses

Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger, is all grown up! She was shot on a Venice Beach set for her latest film The Bling Ring with a provocative new look–a complete departure from her Harry Potter heritage. Her part is that of a bad girl in the Sofia Coppola-directed flick about the group of California […]