Dakota Fanning wearing sunglasses

Look of the week: Dakota Fanning in jeans & hoodie

Get the look: Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning and her boyfriend, Jamie Strachan, have recently been spotted on a stroll around New York City. Both of them were pretty bundled up, with Jamie wearing a beanie, tortoiseshell sunglasses, a khaki bomber jacket and jeans, and Dakota warming herself with a cup of coffee from La Colombe. Dakota wore rolled up jeans, from Current/Elliott, with a pair of rough ankle boots and a black double breasted jacket fitted at the waist. She covered her head and neck with a blue Faliero Sarti scarf and she wore Carrera 600 sunglasses designed in collaboration with Jimmy Choo (in glitter!). Her brown bag is Proenza Schouler in tabacco suede.
After elengantly attending a lot of the shows at Fashion Week (including Rodarte and Proenza Schouler), Dakota must be feeling tired and in need of a comfortable look. The actress will soon join Zoe Kravitz on set for a yet untitled new movie, about a roadie in the punk scene of the 80s. It sounds very similar to The Runaways, in which she starred alongside Kristen Stewart.

Best five outfits from 2013 Venice International Film Festival

See what your favorite celebrities wore to the 70th edition of the festival.

Carey Mulligan Venice

Carey Mulligan in MiuMiu for the brand's Venice Film Festival party. Image c/o marieclaire.uk

Between August 28th and September 7th, Venice is star struck, as the Italian city hosts the 70th edition of the International Film Festival. Twelve days of screenings means lots of outfits for our favorite red carpet stars, but we stopped at some of the best to show you today. The first is already controversial, and it belongs to Carey Mulligan. The actress wore MiuMiu to the brand's event, but she dared wear sunglasses, too, which is quite uncommon on the red carpet. However, we think the white collar little black dress, T-strap sandals and masculine-inspired sunglasses all went hand in hand. Also in sunglasses was Dakota Fanning, who risked a little less in a cream Alexander McQueen dress, burgundy heels and Prada sunglasses (get them here).


Dakota Fanning wore Alexander McQueen to an event at Venice International Film Festival. Image c/o Getty


Scarlett Johansson in black and white at the Venice International Film festival. Image c/o Getty

One of the stars everyone agrees nailed the whole festival is Scarlett Johansson. The actress wore one cute outfit after another, and we especially liked this rather casual ensemble. Scarlett went for a striped Sonia Rykiel top with high waisted pants and peep toe shoes. With a blazer on, this could be a great work outfit, and without, it's perfect for unpretentious events!

Gia Copolla venice

Director Gia Coppola in a masculine inspired suit at the Venice International Film Festival. Image c/o glamour.com

Sarah Gadon Venice

Sarah Gadon wore nude at the Venice International Film Festival. Image c/o glamour.com

Another fabulous black and white outfit, inspired by masculine wear, was sported by director Gia Coppola. The suit bears the signature of Saint Laurent, and it might just be the epitome of style. Sarah Gadon went in a very different direction, but it definitely worked: a nude dress with a built in bustier, nude/lilac heels and a bold, red lip.


Dakota Fanning in Prada sunglasses

Dakota Fanning in Prada sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

Dakota Fanning sports a summer look with pink shorts and a matching lip, wedge sandals and Prada sunglasses. In an interview for Glamour magazine this year, Fanning opened up about her love life: “I have a weird vision of relationships because my parents have known each other since second grade, and they got married right out of college. I’ve always thought that’s what it’s supposed to be like, and if it’s not, then I don’t want to waste my time on it. Even when I was 14, I was like, “I’m not gonna marry this person. What’s the point of doing it?” It’s not me being naive. I just know what it’s supposed to be like. And I think until I feel that, I cannot be bothered.” The 19 year old actress, who has been acting for most of her life, just did her first nude scenes for Very Good Girls, saying that it was something new and she’s trying to not make a big deal out of it. Fanning is currently filming The Last of Robin Hood in Atlanta.

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Dakota Fanning in Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Dakota Fanning

Photo: coolspotters.com

After her baby sister Elle Fanning starred in the designer’s campaign at just 13, it’s no wonder Dakota Fanning is  rocking Marc Jacobs sunglasses! The blonde actress – as talented and pretty as she may be – has got a lot of gossip on her hands at the moment. Fanning defended Kristen Stewart in her cheating scandal, saying: “Well, I just think that media frenzies like that… Everyone thinks they have the right to, you know, publicize the struggles and sadness and heartbreak and all that.It’s like, ‘Why do you think you are the authority to judge people’s experiences?’ ” However, her opinion didn’t lead to anything good, as the press now suspects the two Runawaysactresses might be… together. sources claim that the two have an “intense emotional relationship”. And to make things worse, Fanning recently told a magazine that she “isn’t the kind of person” who wants a boyfriend. Is it because of her focus on acting, or her focus on girls? The actress adds: “I’m very black and white in what I feel and I don’t wanna be with someone that I don’t foresee spending a long time with.” What do you think?

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Datoka Fanning in Persol sunglasses

dakota fanning persol

Photo: justjared.com

Dakota Fanning looks youthful and trendy wearing the famous Isabel Marant wedge sneakers with a lilac tunic and a denim shirt on top, a Celine bag, cat eye Persol sunglasses and a fedora. The 18 year old actress made an appearance at the Twilight premiere and we almost didn’t recognize her in dark hair! She assured the press that it really was her, saying: “I decided I needed a change… for the character I was playing I couldn’t be a blonde.” Character or not, the new color really makes her eyes pop! Fanning was there to celebrate her Twilight character, Jane, an evil vampire, and she stated: “It’s nice to let go, and know that your character is mean, and just have fun with it. [Sometimes] it’s good to be bad.” Bad girls should stick together, seems to be Fanning’s new motto, as she defended The Runaways co-star Kristen Steward‘s over the affair scandal: “Everyone thinks they have the right to, you know, publicize the struggles and sadness and heartbreak and all of that. It’s like, ‘Why do you think you are the authority to judge people’s experiences?” Wisely said, Dakota, wisely said!

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