Alexa Chung sunglasses

Alexa Chung in Ralph Lauren sunglasses

A front row regular, Alexa Chung looks chic in Ralph Lauren sunglasses in houndstooth print and a butter dress, next to Olivia Palermo. Chung graces the cover of Time Out New York, the spring issue, where she talks about her favorite topic: fashion. Specifically, her fashion faux-pas: “I got punk a bit wrong when […]

Alexa Chung in Ralph Lauren sunglasses

Alexa Chung took home all the awards that she was nominated for at this week’s British Fashion Awards. She was given the British Style Award for the third year in a row as voted by the public. Even from this point, the TV personality admits that she can’t resist a shopping spree. “There was a […]

Alexa Chung in Ray Ban eyeglasses

If anyone can rock geek chic glasses, that person is Alexa Chung! The 28 year old fashionista donned a pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses and a horse pendant over a black dress recently, and she looked great as ever. With a Mulberry bag named after her and a collaboration line with Madewell, Chung also […]

Alexa Chung in Ray Ban sunglasses

Known for her spotless style at all times, 28 year old Alexa Chung is one of the guests of honor at any fashion event. However, her preference for the British designers is no secret: “I’m a typical Brit – I love a good bargain and I love wearing clothes,” she says.”British fashion is very […]

Alexa Chung in Prada sunglasses

After posting a picture on Instagram where she appeared too thin, the press trashed Alexa Chung, calling her “disgusting and skinny”. However, the TV personality/model argued that she’s not promoting an unhealthy body image and that she’s naturally skinny, after which she made her Instagram private. However, she keeps on parading her stick-thin legs […]