Celebrities in Prada sunglasses

Celebrities wearing Prada sunglasses

Jaime King declares her love for Tory Burch

The new mom tweeted her love for the designer:

Jaime king & her hubby.

Jaime King & her hubby. Image via Just Jared

Jamie King is super chic in a pair of jeans, plaid shirt, brown coat and < a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.glassesonweb.com/catalog/Prada_abpr/sunglasses/pr+23os_pid250290.html" target="_blank">Prada sunglasses, while her husband, Kyle Newman is a bit more casual in jeans and a tee, with < a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.glassesonweb.com/catalog/Persol_abpo/sunglasses/po0714_pid115898.html\" target="_blank">Persol sunglasses. The couple were spotted having Starbuck coffee, while on a stroll with their young son, James Knight. The family spent their Christmas day with Jessica Alba, who is James’ godmother, soon after they’ve been spotted joining Rachel Zoe and her family for brunch. The Hart of Dixie actress looks absolutely gorgeous after the pregnancy, even though James was just born at the beginning of October.

Jaime King in Prada sunglasses.

Jaime King in Prada sunglasses. Image via Just Jared

A recent tweet on Jaime’s account reveals the actress’ love for < a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.glassesonweb.com/catalog/Tory_Burch_abty/sunglasses" target="_blank">Tory Burch designs: “I have managed to wear at least one @toryburch design everyday for the past month and a half. Thanks Tory and @EstherSong831!”, referencing a member of the Tory Burch PR team. Jaime has a lot of experience in the fashion industry, having worked as a model since she was just 15.

The new episode of Hart of Dixie airs on January 13th on CW.

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Get the look: Olivia Munn's heart sweater & cat eye sunglasses

Get the look: Olivia Munn
Being a celebrity often means a lot of branding: you need to be recognizable for something that you are, and you need to stand out from the crowd. But what happens when your name kind of resembles another starlet's name? Recently, Olivia Wilde and Olivia Munn have been the subject of a pretty huge confusion. The two actresses each handled it really well, by humorously tweeting about the subject. On September 26th, Wilde tweeted: “Thank you SO much for all your compliments for my stellar work on The Newsroom. One quick thing: that's not me. #somanyoliviassolittletime”. The next day, Munn replied with her own tweet: “As long as people are confusing Olivias, can I get some of your Revlon money? #OliviasShare @oliviawilde ;) ”. That's a relief, no cat fight there! And speaking of Olivia… Munn, the cute actress were recently spotted in New York City, looking like she was in the mood for love. In an Alice + Olivia heart print sweater, skinny jeans and peep-toe lace-up booties, Olivia was shining! She accessorized with the best of the best: < a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.glassesonweb.com/catalog/Prada_abpr/sunglasses" target="_blank">Prada sunglasses and a Prada bag. Does this mean that she's totally in love with her boyfriend, Joel Kinnaman?

Get the look: Jessica Alba’s khaki shirt, flats & sunglasses

Get the look: Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, and their daughter, Haven, were recently spotted doing some shopping at Barney’s, in Los Angeles. The tiny one looked cute in her jeans, t-shirt and orange hair bow, while her mom was way more stylish, but equally comfortable. For the occasion, Jessica wore an ice cream print t-shirt (we can guess who picked that one!) with lilac rolled-up jeans and a pair of Charlotte Olympia slippers, with her astrological sign, Taurus. Since fall is in the air, she layered with a khaki shirt from Current/Elliott. She was also wearing < a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.glassesonweb.com/catalog/Prada_abpr/sunglasses” target=”_blank”>Prada sunglasses (get them < a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.glassesonweb.com/catalog/Prada_abpr/sunglasses/pr+12ps_pid223339.html” target=”_blank”>here) and a big, orange bag.
The actress recently confessed to Health magazine, which she covers this month, that she likes dancing additional to classic workout, otherwise she gets bored easily. She also told the mag that she wishes she’d worn jean shorts when she was skinny(er) and didn’t have cellulite. Time, as well as the birth of her two girls, made her more confident with her body, and more willing to take risks. Who knew she didn’t even wear mini skirts before the first pregnancy?

Rihanna and Chris Brown are not speaking anymore!

The couple are even done being friends, and they're not currently on talking terms.

Chris Brown & Rihanna at a sports game

Chris Brown & Rihanna having a blast at a sports game when they were still an item. Image courtesy of Splash News.

Gone are the days when Rihanna and Chris Brown were sipping on beers at the game. The couple are now officially split, once again. It looks like Brown is too busy to chase her and too young to settle down, which leaves Riri single once again. Sources claim that she was growing tired of him, too, so the break-up was consensual. Be that as it may, the couple are even done being friends, and they're not currently on talking terms. A source told Hollywood Life that the two stars are through, and are not planning on getting back together. We heard that before…

Rumors about their split appeared about a month ago, as the Umbrella singer complained about love in one of her concerts. Rihanna told her fans that she's in the “confused group” when it comes to understanding love. And even though Brown told the listeners of a radio show that he'll love Riri forever, he also said that he's too young to be “wife-ing” her.

Rihanna in Prada sunglasses

Rihanna is wearing embellished Prada sunglasses and a headscarf. Image via Tumblr.

While Brown is focusing on being himself and having fun, Rihanna is featured on Wale's Bad (replacing Tiara Thomas from the original song), and what she sings is rather naughty: “I’ll be good in bed but I’ll be bad to you,” the lyrics go. Pictured here, the singer is showing off her “Rebelle fleur” neck tattoo, wearing a headscarf, gemstone Prada sunglasses and a matching necklace.

Listen to the song below and get Rihanna's look: Prada 04P sunglasses, $296.


Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Sunglasses this Summer

Every season, we look up to celebrities to see what’s trending. From head to toe, from sunglasses to heels, they always seem to know what’s cool – and how to wear it best.This summer, take inspiration from your favorite celebrities on the hottest sunglasses:

1o. Tom Ford FT 0198 sunglasses, $230

Celebrities in Tom Ford sunglasses

Square shaped and with the iconic T-temples, these Tom Ford sunglasses are a celebrity favorite. Most of them opt for the black version, but they also come in brown and havana. Wear them with a swimsuit like Reese Witherspoon, or pair them with a floral dress and a light sweater on top.

9. Ralph Lauren RL8070 sunglasses, $111

Celebrities in Ralph Lauren sunglasses

Cat eye shaped sunglasses are all the rage with celebrities – and who could blame them? They’re flattering and they have this cute retro feel. In black or havana, many actresses chose these Ralph Lauren shades. They look great with a printed button-down and a pair of shorts or a mini skirt.

8. Tory Burch TY9012 sunglasses, $89

Celebrities in Tory Burch sunglasses Available in orange, purple, navy and tortoise, these Tory Burch sunglasses have been spotted on some of our favorite TV ladies, and they’re gonna be huge this summer! Pair them with a dress in a primary color and throw on your favorite jacket for cooler nights.

7. Versace VE4214 sunglasses, $142

Celebrities in Versace sunglasses

Who doesn’t love a good pair of cat eye sunglasses? This Versace style is chic and easy to wear, whether in black, havana, red, brown or white. We love how they look with nautical stripes and jeans, in Anne Hathaway’s style.

6. Ray Ban Large Metal Aviator sunglasses, $112

Celebrities wearing Ray Ban aviators

Another classic number that celebrities can’t get enough of! The aviator style is flattering on most faces, and it brings about a special allure that both men and women love in their wardrobes. We like them with a white t-shirt and a blazer on top, for both sexes.

5. Prada 17O sunglasses, $167

Celebrities in Prada sunglasses

We’ve rarely seen Miranda Kerr in something other than her Prada sunglasses this year! She started a trend, and soon other celebrities followed. The simple, cat eye shaped sunglasses come in various shades of havana, as well as in full colors. Wear them with skinny jeans and pearls, or take them to the beach, like Milla Jovovich did.

4. Dolce&Gabbana Matt Silk Sunglasses, $151

Celebrities in Dolce&Gabbana Sunglasses

Hollywood ladies love these simple, oversized sunglasses by Dolce&Gabbana. Whether in soft pink, cherry brown, animal print or plain black, these cat eye shades made of matte plastic are a hit. They look pretty with a simple dress and ballet flats.

3. Persol Steve McQueen Sunglasses, $338

Celebrities in Persol sunglasses

The classic keyhole shape of these Persol sunglasses makes them desirable by men and women alike, providing a sharp look for the wearer. They come in a range of neutral colors, from black to light havana. They look cool with denim or camouflage print.

2. Tom Ford Nikita Sunglasses, $232.

Celebrities in Nikita Sunglasses

The exaggerated cat eye shape of the Nikita sunglasses make them a true fashion statement. Available in black, cream or havana, these shades were worn by everyone from Cate Blanchett to Paris Hilton. Try them with a vintage-inspired look to really show them off.

1. Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, $109.

Celebrities in Ray Ban Wayfarer SunglassesThis retro style is still going strong as the hottest celebrity sunglasses of the moment. Being square shaped and unisex, they’re flattering on all face types, and men and women enjoy them alike. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with investing in Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses – they’re here to stay! From a tuxedo to a varsity jacket, there’s no combination that these shades would fail in.