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Chris Brown is in rehab

The rapper has to manage his anger somehow.

Chris Brown Persol

Chris Brown laughing in his < a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.glassesonweb.com/catalog/Persol_abpo/sunglasses" target="_blank">Persol sunglasses at a 2008 event. Image c/o blackoptical.com

Just a few days ago, on October 27, Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault. The rapper, who is known for having had violent mishaps in his past, allegedly got into an argument with a man in front of the W Hotel in Washington, and things took a turn for the worse when he got physical with the other person. The 24 year old hadn’t consumed drugs or alcohol, which led the specialists to believe that it was an anger issue.

Subsequently, Brown voluntarily checked himself in to a rehab facility in LA, where he could do all the anger management sessions he needs. “Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility. His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point,” the rapper’s rep told the press. Over the weekend, his felony charge was reduced to misdemeanor, but authorities still have an eye on him since the 2009 incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown is still on felony probation and he may be facing jail time for violating the probation by being arrested.

Chris Brown Arrest

Chris Brown and his bodyguards at the H. Carl Moultriel courthouse. Image c/o Time.com

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said that “He just decided he wanted to take some time off and do some introspection.” Despite all the media attention, Brown appears casual on his Twitter, talking about  a Halloween party he’s hosting and not stating anything about the arrest or rehab. Riri doesn’t appear interested in the whole thing, either: she’s more focused on wishing BFF Katy Perry “happy birthday” through heartfelt collages.


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Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher Interviews Michelle Krusiec

Michelle K_Yellow Mag_224-1 CSW

Michelle Krusiec is a multi-talented actor and writer known for her roles on both the small and big screens as well
as her critically lauded one-woman show 'Made in Taiwan.' Her roles include Oliver Stone's Nixon, Saving Face, and
as a popular host on the Discovery Channel's Travellers series. She received a scholarship from Oxford University.
Kruisec has noted in her IMDB.com profile: “Girl Power! to me is about making the most of your potential in life. It
is important to have fun and work hard, but I believe everyone has gifts and talents. It's up to each of us to turn
our talents into something truly special.” CelebritySunglassesWatcher recently had an interview with Krusiec and had a chance to ask her questions about acting, her inspirations, and what she's up to these days.

CSW: When did you get interested in acting?

Michelle: I started working professionally when I was twelve but started training in theatre at a Performing Arts Program when I was in high school. I fell in love with Acting and decided to study Theatre and English in college. I kept waffling between doing Theatre and English, but on the side, I was performing in commercials, small TV jobs and then landed my first Hollywood feature (Nixon). In my senior year of college, I auditioned to be a new travel host for the Discovery Channel on the show Travelers and two weeks later, I was able to graduate early and found myself in New Zealand.

CSW: Who are your favorite actors and how have they inspired you?

Photo by Corey Hayes Dress by Beetle  Styling by Jen Vega

Photo: Corey Hayes / Dress: Beetle
Styling: Jen Vega

Michelle: Currently, I'm enamored with Gillian Anderson on her BBC series The Fall. Her work is subtle, nuanced and powerful. She's playing an enigmatic female character but manages to convey vulnerability at the same time, I'm -oddly-at her disposal in this character. If you've seen the show, you'll know it's a dark and intense show but her portrayal is so mesmerizing. On stage, I always love seeing Bobby Cannavale. There's something about his essence where I feel like he brings his grit with him. It could be called stage presence, but I feel like it's a little more specific than that. Then of course, there's always Mark Rylance whose just so gifted, he's a master class in acting and integrity as an actor.

CSW: You have a great one-woman show called Made In Taiwan. Can you tell us a bit about that and how you came up with the idea?

Michelle: In college, I began writing a show about my relationship with my Mother. It's a crazy, fun and I believe poignant coming of story about growing up in the suburbs, being lost as a young Asian American teenager, but mostly focuses on trying to find your way when your parents have a volatile marriage and your Mom does things to you like cut off your hair when she's pissed or tries to bite you to keep you from leaving. The show is an honest look at parent child relationships and while I grew up loving John Hughes' films, I never thought they depicted my young adult years at all. So I wanted to provide the same emotional truth but with a different perspective. I think the show has been successful because it's very raw, cross generational and cross cultural.

 “I feel like I'm the Kevin Bacon of actresses. Is that a bad thing to say? Seeing as he's worked
so hard to land where he is now, I'd like to think it's a good thing.”

CSW: What are some other projects you are currently working on?

Michelle: I'm adapting Made in Taiwan into a half hour pilot and a full length feature. Writing is a lonely process and is a little harder than acting (I find) but is similar enough to it that I enjoy it. I've always got some indie project either in pre-production, post or out in a festival. Currently, Four of Hearts is making its festival rounds. I completed a short film co-starring Sandra Oh that is in post. And then there's a film like Relative Insanity with an amazing cast that is being set up. You just never know where each day brings in this industry. It can range from the most unexpected to the most grueling. You can always catch me on some TV recurring or guest spot on any number of shows, I feel like I'm the Kevin Bacon of actresses. Is that a bad thing to say? Seeing as he's worked so hard to land where he is now, I'd like to think it's a good thing.

CSW: How would you define your fashion style?

Photo by Corey Hayes Dress by Grace Sun

Photo: Corey Hayes / Dress: Grace Sun

Michelle: So hard to describe! I'm eclectic. I sometimes love minimalist deconstructed, ultra modern looks, like if I'm in NYC and I'm gonna be around a lot of high cheek boned people. When I'm on the carpet, I like sexy, strong but feminine with a little bedazzle. In my hipster neighborhood of Echo Park, I try and blend a little, you know wear a vintage skirt, some housewifey outfit, make my hair tattered. In my house, I wear these crazy MC hammer pants that I bought at a Tibetan store that are definitely a man repellant. I like to think I dress like my roles, I can be whoever I want, whenever I want and if I can keep people guessing, it's more fun!

CSW: Being a fashion/sunglasses/celebrity site you know this question was coming! What are your favorite pair of
sunglasses and why?

Michelle: Ooh, I have a pair of purplish Persols that I've been rocking for a long time. They might even be a little crooked and scratched up by now. But I love them because they look good on me and they can be paired with a lot of outfits. If I find something I love, I covet them for a long time.

CSW: Quick! What actor wears sunglasses the best in Hollywood? Why?

Michelle: Two people just popped up in my mind. I love Helena Bonham Carter when she rocks sunglasses on the red carpet and Johnny Depp, but now that I think of the two of them. Do they seem like they wear the same sunglasses? They both wear like funky character-ish sunglasses that allows them to be who they are on the carpet while giving them some privacy. Red carpets can be assaulting with all the photographers on you so I imagine it gives them style and a little bit of personal space. Creates an air of both confidence and mystery.

CSW: Thanks for chatting with us Michelle!

Featured Image credits: Photo by Corey Hayes / Styling by Tamara Pogosian

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Fancy Alexander Skarsgård? You could date him!

The actor told Metro that he’s currently single.

Of course you fancy Alexander Skarsgard, who doesn’t? The True Blood star has been interviewed by Metro magazine, and the most popular fan question was, by far, “will you marry me?” It doesn’t even matter which fans are female and which are male. The 36 actor has been voted Sweden’t sexiest man alive five times in a row – and he’s just 36! It’s no wonder his scene from the series finale – which implied full frontal nudity – was all the talk for the past week… “When you read a script, you imagine the character, and if your vision of him is not handsome, you can’t not do it because you are worried you are not going to be considered sexy if you play it that way. That is just very important to me,” he says, about the possibility of being so handsome affecting his work.

ca. 2013 --- Alexander Skarsg rd --- Image by   Jennifer Cooper/Corbis Outline

Alexander Skarsgard in What Maisie Knew. Image c/o Jennifer Cooper/Corbis Outline

Unfortunately for True Blood fans, Skarsgard may not be returning for the new season. His six years contract expired, so he tells the mag he’s not sure what will happen next. Famous in his home country from the age of 13, the actor says he’s not very comfortable with fame, and that’s the reason he doesn’t keep a Twitter account. His privacy is important, and being linked to every woman he talks to doesn’t really help. “If you have lunch with any girl friend – and I mean just a platonic friend – there’ll be a story like you’re in a serious relationship or whatever. There’s nothing you can do about that – so I try not to let it affect me,” he says. So is he seeing anyone right now? Fortunately for many fans, no.

Alexander Skarsgard Persol sunglasses

Alexander Skarsgard is a fan of basic fashion. Image c/o justjared.com

His fashion sense? Based on basic pieces, colors and combinations. One of his favorite looks seems to be the white tee plus jeans plus Persol sunglasses, one that can be described as classic and cool at the same time.

Get the look:

Persol PO 2953 sunglasses, $236 + free shipping

Is Chris Brown calling it quits?

The artist's recent tweet got people wondering what his next steps are.

Chris Brown Blank Magazine

Chris Brown poses in dark sunglasses for Blank Magazine. Image c/o blank.com.pa

Tweets can be easily interpreted, and when it comes to someone with Chris Brown's following (over 12.5 million), it's improbable that he'll reply to any inquiries. So his mysterious tweet – which has since been deleted – can or cannot mean that he's going to retire from music. “Don't worry mainstream America. After this X album, it'll probably be my last album. Being famous is amazing when it's for ur music and talent. I'm tired of being famous for a mistake I made when I was 18. I'm cool & over it!” The mistake he's talking about is, of course, the assault incident with Rihanna, who has since forgave him and even dated him for a while. Another one of his mistakes happened more recently, in May, as the rapper was involved in a hit-and-run. He's spent less than an hour in jail, after pleading not guilty on Monday. At the time, the rapper said he exchanged information with the other driver, whos he only barely hit to almost no damage. He could spend up to 6 months in jail, if he's found guilty, so we wonder if that has anything to do with his decision to make his next album the last.

Chris Brown Blank

Chris Brown in his Blank Magazine photo shoot. Image c/o blank.com.pa

In a recent interview with Blank Magazine, Brown doesn't mention anything about these incidents. He talks about his inspiration and music. When it comes to motivations, he names God, his family and his fans responsible for his success, as well as his passion for the field. “The music I make and art are an extension of who I am. It is difficult to separate from what I do. Is the same for any artist. So it's pretty hard for people to stay focused on the end result: the art,” he says. All in all, he probably just wants to be able to have a private life that's not compared by the public with his music.

Get the look: Persol PO0649 sunglasses.


Celebrities hit the Persol Magnificent opening

See who attended the exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image on July 10th.

Emma Roberts Persol sunglasses

Emma Roberts attends the Persol Magnificent Obsessions event in New York. Image c/o justjared.com

Persol joined forces with the film industry in creating a series of events called Persol Magnificent Obsessions. The project started in 2011, curated by Michael Connor, and it compares the 30-step craftsmanship process of Persol glasses with that of producing a great film. The guests of the event had the opportunity to see rare artifacts from iconic films, behind the scenes notes, sketches and other materials used by the best filmmakers of the world. Persol Magnificent Obsessions: 30 stories of craftsmanship in film shows the stories of obsessive workmanship in film, such as Johnny Depp‘s extensive research for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Theadora Van Runkle‘s costume design for Bonnie and Clyde and The Thomas Crown Affair, or Jennifer Connelly making her own clothes to prepare for her role as an aspiring fashion designer in Requiem for a Dream.

Present at the event were some of the younger faces in cinema, such as Emma Roberts. The actress wore a stylish white and gold outfit, with shorts, layered necklaces and a pair of Persol sunglasses (get them here). Dare we say, the best look of the evening. Equally gorgeous, but probably just a bit over the top, was Emmy Rossum, who wore a floral gown in blue, black, white and red, with a precious bracelet.

Emmy Rossum Persol

Emmy Rossum at the Persol Magnificent Obsessions event. Image c/o justjared.com

Anna Kendrick Persol sunglasses

Anna Kendrick wearing Persol sunglasses at the brand’s event. Image c/o justjared.com

Also present was Anna Kendrick, in a simple purple knee length dress and a pair of Persol sunglasses; Zosia Mamet, who couldn’t find the most flattering dress, but opted for a belted black maxi instead; Hilary Rhoda, who looked gorgeous in a botanic print pencil skirt and a black tank; and Marisa Tomei, who wore a weird printed dress of indefinite shape. Which one did you like best?

stars at the Persol Magnificent Obsessions event

Anna Kendrick, Emmy Rossum and Zosia Mamet at the Persol Magnificent Obsessions event. Image c/o justjared.comZosia Mam