Celebrities in Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Celebrities wearing Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Sunglasses trends for Spring 2014

Sunglasses trends straight from Fashion Week.

Roberto Cavalli SS14

A look from the Roberto Cavalli SS14 collection. Image c/o style.com

Moschino SS14

Runway looks from the Moschino SS14 collection. Image c/o style.com

New York, London and Milan have already hosted their bi-annual fashion weeks. There's only Paris left, and we've already noticed some trends. Let's start with Roberto Cavalli, who showed a very delicate, '20s inspired collection, quite unusual for the house's opulent style. The sunglasses, however, we're modern as can be: mirror aviators, with details at the temples that made for a steampunk look.

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Moschino had a very diverse presentation, with models of all ages, some more famous than others. The whole collection was a mix of trends, and we liked seeing the '50s inspired cat eye glasses. Both sunglasses and eyeglasses were shaped like this, the former having embellishments all around, and the latter being more simple.

Anna Sui SS14

A runway look from the Anna Sui SS14 presentation. Image c/o style.com

Burberry SS14

A closeup from the Burberry Prorsum SS14 collection. Image c/o style.com

Anna Sui decided on a futuristic look, with an exaggerated cat eye shape with strong details at the sides and nose bridge. The sunglasses complemented the boho-chic collection, and they remind us of Uma Thurman's role as Poison Ivy.

The impressive Burberrry Prorsum collection was based on pretty pastels and lace. The sunglasses, however, were a bit rough: white, oval shaped, wide and short. They did look great on the perfect bone structure of models, but we can't help but wonder how they'd translate in real life.

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DKNY ss14

A look from the DKNY SS14 show. Image c/o style.com

Fendi ss14

Detail from the Fendi SS14 show. Image c/o style.com

The DKNY collection came with lots of denim and monochrome looks. The sunglasses, also monochrome, were simple and classic: trendy, without being too obvious.

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Fendi put on a great show, based on gradient colors. The sunglasses, however, are metallic and round, with sharp crystals at the sides that turns the shape into cat eye. That's definitely something new, and something that will catch one with fashionistas.

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Gucci ss14

Details from the Gucci SS14 collection. Image c/o style.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs ss14

Details from the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14 collection. Image c/o style.com

At Gucci, the whole collection was colored in rich, jewel tones, sunglasses included. The style on the runway is oversized and angular, with a dark upper rim and lighter sides. The purple lenses have a interesting effect – and we kind of missed them in sunglasses!

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Marc by Marc Jacobs caught our eye (pun intended) with a pair of warm colored rimless sunglasses. They're butterfly shaped, with just a few visible screws, and they make a great contrast with the tern color of the trench coat they're shown with.

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Ralph Lauren ss14

Details from the Ralph Lauren SS14 collection. Image c/o style.com

marc jacobs ss14

Details from the Marc Jacobs SS14 collection. Image c/o style.com

Ralph Lauren mixed up their usual preppy style with quite unusual sunglasses: oversized, black, shield shaped and completely unwearable. Perhaps during ski season?

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Marc Jacobs accessorized his spring collection with a classic: round, keyhole sunglasses in burgundy. Honestly, it's refreshing to see something so simple and wearable on the runway, every once in a while.

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Cara Delevingne's best sunglasses moments

Here's to the model's 20th birthday today!

Cara Delevigne DKNY sunglasses

Cara Delevigne in the DKNY SS13 campaign. Image c/o dkny.com

1. DKNY sunglasses. Even though H&M allegedly dropped Cara because of her past drug scandal, other brands didn't hurry to do the same. On the contrary – the model is huge right now! This spring, she was the face of DKNY and looked great in their eyewear. So great that they booked her for fall as well.

Cara Delevigne Ray Ban sunglasses

Cara Delevigne is hip in her beanie and round sunglasses. Image c/o stylebistro.com

2. Ray Ban sunglasses. The model shows her street style with a cropped top and blazer, Ray Bans (get them here) and a beanie. Why the frown though?

Cara Delevingne Reserved

Cara Delevingne in the Reserved SS13 campaign. Image c/o fashiongonerogue.com

3. Reserved sunglasses. The model was featured in Reserved's lookbook and campaign for spring 2013, shot in Miami and inspired by the 80s and 90s. No wonder the sunglasses are Wayfarer style!

Cara Delevingne Marc Jacobs

Cara Delevinge in Vogue China, February 2013. Image c/o vogue

4. Marc Jacobs sunglasses. For a photoshoot with Vogue China, Cara was styled in mini dresses and skirts, and she rocked a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses with inverted temples (get them here).

Cara Delevingne Clubmasters

Cara Delenvigne walks about in her street style. Image c/o coolspotters.com

5. Ray Ban sunglasses. Any model has a few pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses up her sleeve: they work with everything, so they're part of the obligatory model uniform. She paired them with Acne green jeans, a graphic tee and MSGM jacket. Get the sunglasses here.

Cara Delevingne DSquared2

Cara Delevingne in the DSquared2 Resort 2013 lookbook. Image c/o fashiongonerogue.com

6. DSquared2 sunglasses. Cara was featured as the only model in the Resort 2013 lookbook by brand DSquared2. The photoshoot takes place by a pay phone, where the model is slurty in butterfly shaped sunglasses.

Cara Delevingne Lulu Guinness

Cara Delevigne in a comfortable street look. Image c/o fameflynet.co.uk

7. Lulu Guinness sunglasses. For everyday wear, Cara likes to slip out of couture and into casual clothes: Topshop pants, skull slippers, Lulu Guinness sunglasses and a leather sleeves blazer.

cara delevingne agent provocateur

Cara Delevingne in Miss Vogue UK. Image c/o vogue

8. Agent Provocateur sunglasses. The model shows of her childish side in Miss Vogue UK, wearing a River Island striped dress and red cat eye sunglasses by Agent Provocateur. And, of course, a cute puppy!

Cara Delevingne Burberry

Cara Delevingne in Burberry's FW 2012 runway show. Image c/o style.com

9. Burberry sunglasses. As one of the catwalk models of the FW12 collection, Cara made quite an impression. Pictured here, she is the wearing BE4120Q sunglasses in havana brown.

Cara Delevingne nasty Gal

Cara Delevingne walking in New York City. Image c/o condenast.co.uk

10. Nasty Gal sunglasses. Once again in casual wear, the model picked round and diamond Natsy Gal sunglasses with a beanie, a Maje coat, skinny pants and Timberland boots.


Amanda Bynes in Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Amanda Bynes Marc jacobs sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

Amanda Bynes grabs a cup of coffee in a pair of aviator Marc Jacobs sunglasses, a leather jacket and oversized graphic tee. The actress, who’s been very much in the attention of the public lately, took to Twitter again, this time to say that she didn’t say those nasty things about Rihanna just a few days ago. “I saw a bunch of mocked up tweets about me bashing Rihanna in my mentions. I’m followed by so many people that someone is always mocking up fake tweets so I feel the need to address them! Rihanna and I met and I’m sure we’ll be in a music video together one day!” she said. However, she still doesn’t find it fair that the singer can get away with things she can’t: “I am allergic to marijuana and alcohol but I smoke tobacco. Why does Rihanna smoke weed and not get in trouble for it but I smoke tobacco and people think I’m on drugs? I refuse to be treated like someone I’m not, which is why I fought for myself and am suing everyone involved. I don’t need to go to rehab. There is never a drug or alcohol in my system! I’m sick of all the lies!”  But just when you’d think she’s settled down, someone else caught her eye: Chrissy Teigen. “You look 45! You’re not pretty so I’m not intimidated by you! I think you’re jealous that you’re just an ugly model whos career is uninspiring! I don’t respect you! You’re no beauty queen! I’m a beauty queen!” she tweeted  for no apparent reason.

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Gwyneth Paltrow in Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

Photo: coolspotters.com

Gwyneth Paltrow is always chic, even when she's just wearing a simple grey t-shirt. pictured here, she paired it with aviator Marc Jacobs sunglasses, and let her blond hair down. The 40 year old actress confessed to Beach magazine that she's always been interested in food: “I have always loved food, I was raised by a foodie. I love to cook and eat. My father was obsessed with good food and he passed it on to me.” However, it's balance that makes it work: “Find what works for you. I think it’s important to move a little everyday. If you don’t have time for a full workout, do what you can – walk to work, take the stairs. Above all, don’t beat yourself up. We’re all trying to do so much. Ease up on yourself and do what’s in front of you to the best of your ability,” she says, positively.

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Brad Pitt in Marc Jacobs sunglasses

brad pitt marc jacobs sunglasses

Photo: stylebistro.com

There’s not much Brad Pitt can’t pull off, and we mean anything from Marc Jacobs sunglasses and a golden pendant to… zombie movies. The actor was invited to do a speech at the 2013 CinemaCon Off and Running: Gala Opening Night Presentation, about his new movie, World War Z, one that’s brought up a lot of talk in the media. “Four years ago I knew nothing about Zombies but now I consider myself an expert,” Pitt started. “This whole thing started because I just wanted to do a film my boys could see before they turned 18, one they liked anyway and they loved Zombies. So we settled on Max Brooks’ book called ‘World War Z.’ We were faced with two Herculean challenges. How do we keep the global spectacular dynamic scope of the book and how do we originate a Zombie film that’s been done quite often and really really well? What you are about to see is our answer to those two questions. We got a little carried away. I think you are going to like this as much as my boys are going to.” Pitt seems super interested in his family lately – he’s even visited Selena Gomez at the MTV Music Awards to get an autograph for his kids…

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