Celebrities in Ray Ban eyeglasses

Evan Rachel Wood in Ray Ban sunglasses

evan rachel wood

Photo: justjared.com

Evan Rachel Wood and husband Jamie Bell are doing some grocery shopping at Whole Foods, both looking comfortable in denim and classic sunglasses. Wood picked fit and flare jeans with a puffy winter jacket, oversized scarf and Ray Ban sunglasses, and she looks radiant. This is actually her first appearance after the pregnancy announcement, which is the couple’s first baby. The actress doesn’t slow down, as she’s currently filming 10 Things I Hate About Life, which will be launched next year – when Wood will already have became a mother. Most recently, Bell also joined the cast of the movie – so the two will be spending even more time together! For now, pregnancy is giving Wood the most interesting dreams, as the actress herself tweeted on January 15th: “Had a dream i made out with Kristen Stewart. Good morning.” And what a good morning it was, for her 140,000+ followers!

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Scarlett Johansson in Ray Ban glasses


Photo: mybestfriendshair.com

Scarlett Johansson can hide under geek chic glasses, like the Ray Ban glasses she’s wearing here, but she can’t hide the sexy. Apparently, some of her fans think so too. About a year ago, an amateur photo of Johansson nude made rounds of the internet, causing her sex appeal rates to go even higher. It was a hacker that reached the picture on the actress’ computer and released it to the press, Christopher Chaney, and the guy is currently facing 10 years in prison. He actually infiltrated into the computers of about 50 celebrities, and will now serve his sentence. Johansson’s picture was stolen from her then-husband’s computer, Ryan Reynolds (now married to Blake Lively), and she considers the gesture “perverted and reprehensible.” Other celebrities that fell victim to Chaney’s indiscretion are Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis, and the hacker now claims he became addicted to celebrities’ secrets and didn’t know when to stop: “And these people don’t have privacy to begin with. And I was in that little sliver of privacy they do have,” he said, acknowledging his mistake.

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Rashida Jones in Ray Ban eyeglasses

Photo: tumblr.com

You might not have known how hot Rashida Jones actually is until you’ve seen her in her fashion spread for Flaunt Magazine! Her parts in The Office, Web Therapy and Parks and Recreation just don’t do her justice, as she’s playing simple, casual women, when she could be strutting her stuff in sexier parts. The photo shoot shows the actress in lingerie and body oil, like never before seen. The 36 year old, who made her acting debut back in 1997 in the mini series The Last Don, is at a whole different level now, with movies like Decoding Annie Parker and Cuban Fury making their way into theaters pretty soon. Few people know that Rashida is actually an eyeglasses wearer, and she usually sports Ray Bans – a chic and timeless style – of geek chic inspiration. Here she is at a press conference, donning Clubmasters.

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Ray Ban eyeglasses in Go On

Photo: imdb.com

50 year old Julie White is part of the cast of NBC’s latest sitcom, Go On,  starring Matthew Perry. The show revolves around a therapy group for people who suffered a great loss – in her character’s case, the death of her wife. “Anne” is a tough business woman with a soft side, which is gradually revealed through the first season of the show. The sitcom received good reviews so far, and we hope it will get picked for a second season next year. “A lesser show might have thrown Ryan and therapy group leader Lauren into a relationship, or at least started some Sam-and-Diane-esque flirting, by now, because that’s what you do when the two leads of a show have good chemistry. But because “Go On” is taking Ryan’s grief seriously, there’s been zero movement on that front. Which is as it should be, at least at this point in the show’s run,” according to Zap2it. Through the 6 episodes so far, White’s character is constantly  wearing black, full rim Ray Ban eyeglasses, which give her a strict look which is perfect on Annie.

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Alexa Chung in Ray Ban eyeglasses

Photo: Getty Images

If anyone can rock geek chic glasses, that person is Alexa Chung! The 28 year old fashionista donned a pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses and a horse pendant over a black dress recently, and she looked great as ever. With a Mulberry bag named after her and a collaboration line with Madewell, Chung also has a column in British Vogue and is hosting 24 Hour Runway on the Lifetime channel. The former model still gets the time to be the face of Superga sneakers and Lacoste’s Joy of Pink fragrance. But how does she cope with being the it girl of the moment for a few good years now? Tough to say. According to Celebuzz, she’s one of the 25 women that changed the way we dress, along with Diane von Furstenberg, Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel, so that’s even more pressure to be always ahead of the trends and dressed to the nines. But, as long as there’s a sit in the front row at every fashion show for Chung, we think she’ll do alright!

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