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Ashley Greene in D&G sunglasses

Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene comes out from the gym in a pair of tights, running sneakers, a sports top and sweatshirt, as well as a gym bag and D&G sunglasses in havana. The Twilight actress has been doing her best to keep in shape lately, while also promoting Breaking Dawn part 2. Greene is also playing a part in CBGB, a film about the legendary New York rock club that opened in the 70s. About her role there, the actress says: ‘It’s a little nerve-racking to play someone who existed, who’s a real person that’s still alive. You’re like, “Oh, they can yell at me if I do a bad job!” But it’s going to be cool to get to talk to her about it and [learn about] personal experiences from her.’ Recently, Greene got a new tattoo on her foot, which reads “life’s a dance”.

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Alicia Keys in Carrera sunglasses

Alicia Keys

Photo: everythingsunglasses

The new Blackberry is out today and none other than Alicia Keys is promoting it! It’s become a trend to have celebrity spokespersons, as we’ve recently seen Jessica Alba advertising for the Windows Phone. 32 year old Keys is the new creative director at Blackberry, and she stated: “I’m fascinated by technology. I’ve always wanted to work directly with a technology company. I wanted to do something where I could grow professionally and personally.” No longer content with just music, the “ Girl on Fire” singer wants to make things happen, and she started with this position at Blackberry. She admits to having used other smartphones in the past, but “Now we’re exclusively dating again, and I’m very happy,” she says. Keys was present at the Blackberry 10 launch event in New York, where she wore a tux and looked dashing. Pictured above, the singer is wearing a studded leather jacket and long earrings, with Carrera sunglasses.

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Emily Rossum in Tom Ford sunglasses

emmy rossum


“Tell everybody the real reason why you want to stay in shape”, Emmy Rossum is asked during her recent appearance on Chelsea Lately. The actress replies: “Because I want to go into space”. She told the audience that she always dreamed of being an astronaut, and she figures that it will be more affordable in 50-60 years to actually go to space. Rossum recently promoted her film, Beautiful Creatures, in Russia, which she found to be very… cold. Moreover, she was given the same hotel room as Michael Jackson stayed in 20 years ago – which, combined with the jet lag and some weird noises really freaked her out. After joking around, Rossum left the studio in a floral skirt, red sweater and Tom Ford sunglasses, her hair side braided. We also found out that her show, Shameless, was picked for a fourth season!

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Keri Russel in Ray Ban sunglasses

Keri Russell


Not many celebrities choose a bike in favor of a car, so it’s hats down from us to anyone who does! Take Keri Russell, of Felicity fame, for example, who looks darling in a flannel shirt and rolled up jeans, Ray Ban sunglasses and a top bun, riding her bike in the city. She can totally pull this off – but can she pull off being a suburban parent and a KGB agent at the same time? That is the premises of FX’ latest show, The Americans, which premiered on Wednesday night, and which stars Russell and Matthew Rhys. Their characters, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, live in the 1980s (that’s a popular decade lately – see: The Carrie Diaries) in an arranged marriage. For now, predictions are that the show will be a smash hit with the critics, without getting actual ratings from the audience. We’ll have to wait and see – one thing’s for sure: Russell definitely put her Felicity days behind!

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Paul Wesley in Persol sunglasses

Paul Wesley


Paul Wesley is hot in his jeans, rolled up sleeves showing his arm tattoo, and Persol sunglasses that match his hair color. The Vampire Diaries actor is on the cover of August Man this January, and he talks about when he started acting, as a teenager: “It was both stressful and unbelievably rewarding. For me, going into Manhattan three or four times a week to film during high school was an escape from the typical New Jersey suburban life. I was exposed to a lot at a young age that really helped shape who I am today. At the same time, schools were kicking me out for poor attendance,” he tells the magazine. He also spoke of his intentions of pursuing directing – he’s already producing two films in which he stars, so the next step isn’t all that far. His ultimate role? “Every time I read a great script, I fall in love with a character and get lost in the idea of playing him. I don’t think there’s one particular role I dream about.”

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