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Khloe Kardashian in Gucci sunglasses

khloe kardashian gucci sunglasses


28-year old reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian, couldn’t find the time to attend her own family Christmas pictures. It’s not easy, between all the busy schedules of everyone in the family – is any Kardahian not a celebrity these days? As a consequence, both Khloe and husband Lamar Odom, 33, have been photoshopped into the picture. She told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show: “We pretend that we’re always together. The powers of cameras and Photoshop.” She then revealed that the family always meets for the winter holidays: “Every Christmas, we’re always together. Step-brothers, sisters, everything. All 10 kids and then everyone’s extended girlfriend, boyfriend, this, that…” Pictured here in casual clothes, Kim is wearing distressed jeans with platform Louboutins, a Chanel bag, tie-dye jacket and aviator Gucci sunglasses. What do you think: cool or you’d rather photoshop something else on her?

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Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford sunglasses

Reese Witherspoon Tom Ford

Photo: Splash News

In tights, an oversized V-neck and wayfarer style Tom Ford sunglasses, Reese Witherspoon surely doesn’t look like she just had a baby! The Legally Blondeactress is spending most of her time these days with little Tennessee, who is now 2 months old. ‘Everyone is bonding with the baby. And Jim (n.n. Toth) has had a lighter workload and has been spending a lot of time at home with the baby as well,’ a source told the press. Apparently, Witherspoon’s other two kids, from her previous marriage to Ryan Philippe, are bonding with their new half-brother. Witherspoon is so confident lately, that she plans of getting back to work already. Us Weekly posted that the actress may be recording a duet with Canadian singer Michael Buble, but it hasn’t been confirmed or denied yet. What is confirmed, though, is that Witherspoon has no less than four movies launching next year: Devil’s Knot, Big Eyes, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus and Wishlist. We can’t wait to see her back on the big screen!

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Renee Zellweger in Prada sunglasses

Renee Zellweger Sunglasses


If 11 years ago, she was gaining lots of extra pounds for Bridget Jones Diary, Renee Zellweger is stagnantly skinny for years now. We wonder how that goes with her second sequel of the movie, which will be out next year – is Bridget skinny now or will the actress wear a fat suit? Besides this project, Zellweger hasn’t been on the screen since 2010, which makes people raise their eyebrow about what’s going on with her. Actually, she’s doing quite fine and began something completely new, directing. Her movie, 4 ½ Minutes, will is set on the New York comedy scene, and will star Zellweger and Johnny Knoxville. “It’s about the long road back to who you were supposed to be before life, bad decisions, etc. intervened. There’s something emotionally resonant about the prospect of finding a proper life path long after your contemporaries have moved on,” according to her. However, when asked how she got to this job, Zellweger told the press that no one else in Hollywood wanted to do it, so she did! Pictured here, Zellweger is wearing flattering black Prada sunglasses and a matching dress, which go perfectly with her blonde hair and pale complexion.

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Alexa Chung in Ralph Lauren sunglasses

Alexa Chung Ralph Lauren


Alexa Chung took home all the awards that she was nominated for at this week’s British Fashion Awards. She was given the British Style Award for the third year in a row as voted by the public. Even from this point, the TV personality admits that she can’t resist a shopping spree. “There was a time when I started thinking about it too much and it got weird but now I just dress to please myself,” she told GraziaDaily. “The main point is I’m still excited by clothes and excited by fashion. It’s innately something I’m drawn to so I literally can’t walk down the street without dodging into places, which annoys my friends.” As for the once piece that she’s can’t get enough of, Chung told the press: “[I love denim hot pants.] Everyone’s sick of seeing them, but they’re really comfy and I wear them constantly. When I travel, I pack them in my bag to take in the plane so they don’t get lost.” Pictured here at an Erdem fashion show, Alexa Chung is wearing houndstooth round Ralph Lauren sunglasses, a street style favorite of the past few seasons.

Keira Knightley in Ralph Lauren sunglasses

keira knightley


Keira Knightley recently opened up about her 2007 acting hiatus. After filming “The Duchess”, the actress felt the need to step back from the paparazzi and have some time for herself. She had almost no private life after “The Pirates of the Caribbean”‘s success, which bought her to a boiling point. “There was a time when the price of photographs were going up for (famous) women in any state of undress or mental turmoil or anything. The men who get paid for taking these pictures were getting incredibly hostile – nearly violent – and we’re talking about packs of about 20 of them, shouting at me, spitting at me, trying to pick fights with every guy you’re out with, in order to produce a picture and get a lot of money. And it was getting particularly nasty. The price of everybody’s head was going up. Some people went the legal route. And I ran … I’d hit a wall and needed to step back in order to learn the things I needed to learn.” Knightley says she took the time to read and “look out the window”. It would be a pity if she decided to pull something similar these days, because the actress looks better than ever in cat eye Ralph Lauren sunglasses and a Mary Katrantzou midi dress.

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