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Michael Fassbender in Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Giorgio Armani GA 834/S Sunglasses Photograph


After successful parts in Inglorious Basterds, X-Men and Prometheus, the German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender seems set on a certain kind of role. He’s the action actor of the moment, and Hollywood studios are fighting to get him in their next film. Currently, the hot blond is filming Twelve Years a Slave, a historic drama also starring Brad Pitt, and he’s preparing for the thriller The Counselor, to be released in 2013. Not much of a change, but at least he’s good at what he’s doing! Some believe that Fassbender will become the new James Bond, since it’s Daniel Craig last time playing the iconic part. We don’t know for sure, but what we do know is Fassbender’s latest confession: the actor is a huge heavy metal fan. “When me and my friend Mike had a band I used to have hair down to my chest, ten-hole Dr Martens and combat shorts cut at the knee,” he said to The Sun. Now all groomed and grown up, Fassbender looks pretty hot in his white smile and Giorgio Armani sunglasses!

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Lindsay Lohan in Roberto Cavalli sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli Viola Sunglasses Photograph


Preparing for the part of a lifetime as Liz Taylor, Lindsay Lohan salutes her fans with “Konichiwa”, wearing a red kimono on the set of “Liz & Dick”. The 25 year old controversial actress has been on a hiatus for quite a while, and we’re glad to see that she’s back where she belongs – in front of the camera, rather than in front of a judge. Lohan has just settled in her 2007 case in which three men accused her of abducting them. Having driven them around under the influence of cocaine, the actress served one day in prison at the time, and has now reached an agreement with the accusers. However, LL seems to love a good controversy – she’s just posed semi-nude for Terry Richardson, with a gun pointed at her neck, temple and mouth, while casually smoking and looking pretty high. The next day, Richardson pulled out the pictures and replaced them with sexy lingerie pictures, with no guns used as props. And because sexy suits her, here is Lohan in an asymmetrical silver number and a pair of interesting Roberto Cavalli shades.

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Tom Cruise in Ray Ban sunglasses


With an aura of controversy always above his head, Tom Cruise is making his comeback at Hollywood. His latest piece, Rock of Ages, is a retro musical, also starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand. However, it’s been discussed that the movie will not be a box office success – but, who knows, it might become a cult-movie in a decade or two! Although Cruise gave all his best for this role, and everyone agreed that he did an excellent job, the overall ratings of the movie are disappointing – especially for such a cast! And here’s something else we found about the 49 year old actor – against Botox and other such interventions, Cruise is actually enthusiastic about any natural beauty treatments, such as the mix of… nightingale excrement with rice bran and water into a face mask! Apparently, the Mission: Impossible actor thinks it’s not impossible for weird things to work, and he’s excited by the fantastic boost that this mask gives his skin. Rumor has it, Victoria Beckham uses the same treatment!

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Ashley Greene in Versace sunglasses

Ashley Greene and Versace 4214 Sunglasses Photograph


We’ve seen Ashley Greene in Versace sunglasses before, but we have to admit this is a style that really suits her. The cat eye shaped sunglasses in havana are a perfect match with her face shape and hair color – win! The Twilightactress is now off to play a real, alive person – she’s Lisa Kristal in the new movie CBCB, which tells the story of the iconic namesake club in New York. “It’s a little nerve-racking to play someone who existed, who’s a real person that’s still alive,” the actress mentioned. Greene is skyping with the real Kristal to get to know her better and understand the role – talk about dedication! On a different note, we find it funny that a girl who’s so into her iPhone can become the host of the Samsung Galaxy III event – isn’t that the opposite of dedication and devotion?

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Kirsten Dunst in Juicy Couture sunglasses


Did you know? Thirty is the new twenty – or so it would seem, if we look at the gorgeous Kirsten Dunst and how well she handles her age. Fresh and vintage inspired, the actress rocks a denim mini skirt with a knotted white shirt, low heels and a Louis Vuitton bag, and cat eye shaped pink and blue sunglasses. Together with Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan, Dunst is currently playing a bridesmaid in the new movie “Bachelorette”. One of the scenes implies Dunst and James Marsden in a strip club; the 38 year old actor says he couldn’t stop thinking about Dunst as the little girl in “Interview With a Vampire”. He continues: “Those are always daunting scenes when you see them on the schedule. You’re counting the days. Kirsten was like, ‘Come on, whatever. Lets have fun doing it and let’s go for it.’” After seeing the cool chick that Dunst is, it was apparently way easier for Marsden to play his part in the hot scene.

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