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Diane Kruger in Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent 2297 Sunglasses Photograph

Photo: Splash News and Pictures

Inglorious Basterds‘ beauty Diane Kruger and her partner Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek, Fringe) have been together for six years and they’ve recently attended the Cannes Film Festival together. At a benefit dinner/auction at the event, the actor treated his long term girlfriend to a $45,000 necklace – for no specific reason! Isn’t that what every girl wants? The press speculated that the necklace is an engagement gift, given the large sum of money spent by Jackson and the length and stability of their relationship. However, after a five year marriage to French actor Guillaume Canet, Kruger is way more cautious: “I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart. There’s no paper that will make you stay. A guy friend of mine said, and it made a lot of sense, that people should get married at the end of the road, not the beginning.” Jackson seems to share the same opinion: “We’re together for six years now, so for all intents and purposes, we are [married]. I have no need for a priest to tell me that!” The couple look happy indeed – here they are in matching hats and casual outfits, Kruger rocking a pair of Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses and an Opening Ceremony dress.

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Mindy White in Burberry sunglasses

Burberry BE 4085 Sunglasses Photograph


After leaving the indie band Lydia back in 2010, Mindy White hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight. However, her star is about to shine one more time, as the singer is now with a new band, States (ex Copeland), and they’re about to go on tour with The Rocket Summer and The Scene Aesthetic. Together with Bryan Laurenson (guitar), Stephen Laurenson (guitar), Jonathan Bucklew (bass) and Dean Lorenz (drummer), White will begin her new tour on May 31st, in Seattle, and will then continue with some of the biggest cities in the country.The band also got signed with signed Tooth & Nail Records and they will be re-releasing an upgraded version of “Room to Run,” in the middle of June. With so much work to do, White seems to be on the road half the time, like we see her in this pretty picture, wearing Burberry sunglasses and ombre hair.

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Hilary Duff in Chloe sunglasses

Actress Hilary Duff getting her hair done at the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills, CA.(May 19, 2010)


With a two months old son at home, Hilary Duff is looking radiant as ever, as the actress started working on losing her pregnancy extra-weight. The 24 year old blondie is lucky to have mother nature on her side, a young age, and the possibility to hit the gym on a regular basis. Duff is caught between her duties as a new mama and her career, but both seem to be on the right track, as she tweeted less than a week ago “So excited about my new agents at Gersh! Great meeting today! Now Luca and I are off to the doctor to get his first shot! Poor guy! :( “. After the interview with her new agents, Duff came out smiling, which we can only consider to be a good sign. Here she is in a picture from before the pregnancy, rocking a Madewell playsuit and Prada sandals, Chloe sunglasses and – every girl’s best friend – the iPad.

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Tom Cruise in Persol sunglasses


The 50 year old Tom Cruise had a bit of a break after his wedding to Katie Holmes and the birth of their daughter Suri, but it seems like he’s now back on track. The actor now has the privilege of raising the image and budget of any movie he plays in, like in the case of this year’s releases Rock of Ages and One Shot. But there are many more projects in progress with Tom: he’s filming Oblivion, he’s in post-production with All You Need Is Kill, and he’s been announced to be part of Van Helsing, Mission:Impossible 5, and Top Gun 2. More than that, it has recently been announced that Tom Cruise will be the star of The Magnificent Seven, a remake of a classic 1960s western that, among others, featured Steve McQueen. Coincidence or not, Tom Cruise is wearing a pair of Persol sunglasses, not those that McQueen made famous, but quite a similar design.

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Lisa Kudrow in Tom Ford sunglasses


The former Friends cast seems to be head over heels with Tom Ford eyewear: after seeing Jennifer Aniston in Tom Ford sunglasses on several occasions, we’ve now spotted Lisa Kurdow in the very same pair. The blond actress was doing some grocery shopping when reporters caught her sight in a black trench coat and brown Tom Ford sunglasses. The 44 year old seems to be hiding under the sunglasses rather than using them for protective or fashionable purposes, as the press noticed she’s starting to really show off her age. The Emmy Award nominated actress has launched a very interesting concept this year, that of a show that is distributed exclusively on the Internet, and for free: Web Therapy. The show is based around the life of Fiona Wallace, a shrink played by Kurdow, who decides to cure her patients over a webcam.

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