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Elizabeth Banks in Prada Sunglasses


Elizabeth Banks made her film debut in 1998’s Surrender Dorothy, a low-budget independent flick in which she was credited as “Elizabeth Casey” (her birth name is actually Elizabeth Maresal Mitchell.) These days she plays the recurring role of Avery Jessup, host of the political talk-show “The Hot-Box,” on NBC’s smash sitcom 30 Rock. She’s also well known for roles in hits such as The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, The Uninvited, Catch Me if You Can, and the Spiderman franchise.

Elizabeth will also be appearing in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel The Hunger Games, slated for release in March 2012. She’s joining a star-studded cast comprised of Jennifer Lawrence, Stanley Tucci, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, and the iconic Donald Sutherland—just to name a few.

Seen here catching up on a few texts, 37-year-old Elizabeth perfectly mixes the girl-next-door charm of skinny jeans and a casual shirt with an oversized leather bag and a pair of gorgeous Prada sunglasses. These delicious shades are available in five frame and lens color combinations.

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Matthew Morrison in Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses


“I never wanted to be famous,” Glee mega-star Matthew Morrison confessed in the latest issue of Go figure that Glee (and his hunky character Mr. Schuester) would become a cult phenom, catapulting Matthew’s fame into outer orbit. He went on to say there’s a side of celebrity that no one teaches you anything about, and that you have figure out on your own how to deal with it. “I feel very lucky that this sort of fame happened at a later age for me,” he said. “Unfortunately, we live in a time where we have to sell these magazines, and they literally just make stuff up. When that first started happening, I was in a rage. But I got over that and I know my own truth.” He capped this sticky part of the convo saying that he has a great group of friends around him, so at the end of the day, he couldn’t be happier.

Pretty soon, though, it’s not all Glee fame that Matthew will be experiencing–aside, of course, from being Gwyneth Paltrow’s new BFF (they became fast friends on set when GP made a guest appearance on Glee). He is preparing for a busy summer with the recent release of his self-titled debut album and the kick-off of a solo tour. He’ll also be joining New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys (NKOTB) as a special guest on their highly-anticipated tour this summer. “I’m really excited. The best part for me is coming up, and that’s going to be the live performances. That’s what I do for a living, and I can’t wait to be on stage singing my own songs.” He quipped on listening to tour-mates NKOTB as a teen: “Yes, I liked some of their songs. I had a cassette tape of New Kids on the Block. They had fun, catchy songs. I was there for the first album. I think it wasn’t cool for guys to like them after that, but I probably secretly still listened to them.” Well, regardless, he’s the epitome of cool in these fresh Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, available in four metal frame hues.  –rpuccia

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Miley Cyrus in Ray Ban Sunglasses


Miley Cyrus first started transitioning into a more adult image to shed the “innocent” teen idol rep she’d earned from starring in Hannah Montana back in 2008, and although she’s no Olsen twin, it seems like men across the globe were excited when she hit the big 1-8 last November. Not only did she grace FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list—at number 89, if you’re curious—she was number 64 on Maxim’s  “Hot 100” in April.

Her days of switching from girl-next-door to rock star on the Disney Channel are over, but Miley’s personal life has been just as hectic. There were her breakups with Joe Jonas, Justin Gaston, and Liam Hemsworth, which would probably be enough to cause a lil’ heartbreak for any girl. In 2010, TMZ released a video of a then-16-year-old Miley giving The Last Song’s producer a lap dance at the film’s wrap party.  Her parents split and decided to divorce but then got back together after all, and let’s not forget the whole bong incident.

Born as Destiny Hope Cyrus, Miley’s parents gave her the nickname Smiley as an infant because she smiled so often. Smiley was eventually shortened to Miley, and voila! a star was born. (Probably didn’t hurt that Dad was country sensation. Hey, mullets used to be cool!) Still looking “Smiley” as ever, Miley is sweet and “innocent”  in these folding Ran Ban sunglasses, a creative take on traditional Wayfarers. Snag a pair for yourself in one of three frame  and lens color combinations today!

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Brad Pitt in Retro-Inspired Havana Brown Sunglasses

Photo: Getty Images

Brad Pitt’s latest film Tree of Life just nabbed the Palme d’Or, the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Set in the 1950s, the movie explores deep spiritual issues set within the framework of a rural Southern family’s day-to-day life. Brad, who stars along with Jessica Chastain and Sean Penn, also produced the film, and it begins a limited-release in theaters today. Consequent to the film’s nature, Brad’s been extensively quoted about his religious beliefs. He spoke frankly at a recent a press conference that the religious aspects of Tree of Life made him slightly uncomfortable, saying, “I got brought up being told things were God’s way, and when things didn’t work out it was called God’s plan. I’ve got my issues with it. Don’t get me started. It was very stifling.”  Tell us how you really feel, Brad!

Turns out the 47-year-old actor was raised in Missouri as a Southern Baptist, but had “a crisis of faith” of sorts in high school, and by college he “got untethered from the comfort of religion–it wasn’t a loss of faith, it was a discovery of self.” And while Brad may not be attached to a specific religion at this time, some members of the press who have followed him since his early Thelma and Louise–River Runs Through It–Legends of the Fall days say he seems to always follow the golden rule of  “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” One went so far as to say that Brad’s so polite and friendly, he even pours glasses of water out for the press at movie junkets. Such a sweetie. Speaking of sweet, he’s just that in these gaspingly stylish retro-inspired havana brown shades and white suit. If this isn’t a guy who’s comfortable in his skin and his spiritual centeredness, we don’t know who is.  –rpuccia

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Jessica Alba in Christian Dior Sunglasses


Jessica Alba let the world know that a sibling was on the way for her adorable daughter with husband Cash Warren, Honor Marie, by announcing her second pregnancy via Twitter and Facebook back in February. Considering that the first photos of little Honor were published in OK! magazine for a reported $1.5 million smackeroos, this upcoming baby might wind up with a hefty bank account during infancy!

Jess recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she opened up about the cool class she’s currently taking with her hubby—hypnobirthing! “It’s not like the clock in front of your face and you go out and you wake up and you got a baby. Basically, my husband takes me through sort of a meditation. He’ll say, ‘You’re relaxed, and you’re floating on clouds,’ while you’re going through labor and your contractions,” she explained to the talk show superstar on May 25.

Jessica has also discussed her plans on shedding the baby weight with the media, a common problem among most new moms. Jess’s “secret?” She simply claimed that she’s been blessed with good genes: “My grandmother was amazing. She would go home and would put on the clothes that she wore before she got pregnant with all five of her kids. It’s definitely good genetics, but she also worked through all of her pregnancies. Just being on your feet and moving probably helped,” were her words of wisdom. Baby belly or not, Jessica is one gorgeous gal who looks darling in these cat eye Christian Dior sunglasses. They’re available in four different frame / lens color combos.

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