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Jennifer Aniston in Tom Ford Sunglasses

Didn’t seem possible, but Jen seems to be losing her box office mojo. She’s had several lackluster flops including–Derailed, Rumor Has It…, Love Happens, The Bounty Hunter and this summer’s The Switch.  And she’s even being dissed by her peers. Just the other day, actor Rupert Everett during an interview with BBC Radio spewed that Jen continues to retain her A-list status despite her flurry of underperforming,  “tasteless rom-coms.” Wow, that’s harsh. She still, however, continues to flaunt her flawless style–including donning these hot Tom Ford shades–one of her fave sunglasses designers. Her next movie? The Adam Sandler romantic comedy (ruh-roh)  Just Go With It, due out Feb. 11, on her 42nd birthday, no less. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for this style maven.   –rpuccia

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Janet Jackson in Tom Ford Sunglasses


Looks like Miss Jackson is going to Asia! Janet’s 2011 World Tour will be kicking off in Hong Kong in February to promote her new album Number Ones, her second collection of number one hits. The thirty-five global cities on the tour are being chosen by Janet’s fans, who are suggesting locations on her website. During each concert she’ll perform her 35 number one hits– which include “When I Think of You,” “Escapade,” “Black Cat” and “That’s the Way Love Goes”– and dedicate a song to each city. Yeah, the baby sister of the famous Jackson clan is still going strong at 44! Her stunning crop and lustrous Tom Ford sunglasses make her look as young as ever. By the way, can you believe that court battles are still raging over whether or not the FCC has the right to fine CBS over her infamous 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction? Enough already!

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Taylor Lautner in Persol Sunglasses

Taylor has gained mega “drool-factor” status as Jacob Black thanks to the worldwide blockbuster success of the Twilight Saga. With the last installment of the series currently in production, this former three-time Karate Junior World Champion has begun to branch out into other roles such as the star-studded romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day and the upcoming action-packed thriller, Abduction due out next year. He’s quickly become one of the most famous, talented, and successful young actors in Hollywood and his toothy grin (and those abs!) are sure to grace the big screen for many years to come. He flashes us his sexy pearly whites in these handsome Persol shades which come in six frame/lens combos.  –rpuccia

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Ke$ha in Ray Ban Sunglasses

Photo: Media

The dollar sign in singer/songwriter Ke$ha’s name is intentionally ironic—she was raised in Nashville by a single mother and grew up on welfare and food stamps.  Her first single “Tik Tok” was released in late 2009 and reached number one in 11 countries. In the U.S. alone it sold 610,000 digital downloads in one week, earning the biggest single-week sum of all time for a female artist– now that’s a long way from welfare! Ke$sha’s style includes messy hair, smudged makeup, body glitter and a wardrobe that she prefers to call “garbage-chic” and these Ray Bans perfectly top off one of her signature outfits while she performs in front of screaming fans. Garbage? No. Chic? Most definitely!

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Paris Hilton in Christian Dior Sunglasses

Ahh, our favorite heiress is looking prim and polished in these classic, diva-licious oversized  Christian Dior sunglasses. But girlfriend seems to have aspirations of biker-chick chic in mind. She’s gone out and snapped up her own team on the world motorcycling championship circuit. Dubbed “The SupermartXe VIP by Paris Hilton,” she just unveiled the team in Madrid which will compete in the 125cc category from 2011-2013. And she’ll be cheering in the pits, likely wearing her team colors pink, white and blue–she wore a low-cut, pink and white, rhinestone-studded, skin-tight racing suit to the team launch event. The team’s riders Sergio Gadea and Maverick Vinales are expected to wear more reserved outfits on the track. Let’s hope.  She quipped on Twitter about the launch: “I can’t believe I have my own racing team! So cool!” We can believe it.  –rpuccia

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